call-center-1015274_1280With the explosion of eCommerce and online and communications, many companies are looking to outsource their call center interactions to agencies that specialize in customer service. Outsourcing to a contact center is beneficial for so many reasons, but most importantly among them is allowing you to focus on your core business. Without spending time and energy on handling customer calls, emails, order processing, shipping or product issues, you can rest easy knowing your customers are taken care of and you are giving your best efforts to running your business.

Let’s discuss additional benefits of outsourcing that allow you to focus on your core business.

Cost effective

Having an in-house, multi-channel contact center is a pricey investment. An in-house call center requires office space or a facility of its own, purchasing all the necessary equipment, hiring and training staff, and making sure your connections are in place to handle high traffic and call volumes.

When outsourcing a contact center, the facility, equipment, and staff are all in place. The time, energy, and cost of such an undertaking are all neatly packaged into one complete service. Take the time to research call centers and do a cost analysis to ensure you are getting quality service in a cost effective agreement.

Access to the latest technology

Hiring a contact center allows you to reap the benefits of an establishment that will be up to date on all the latest technology in their field. Not only will your customers benefit from effective customer service using newer technology, but again, you will not have to deal with the cost of upgrading your technology when more effective options become available.

Without your needing to be proactively seeking out the most recent technological advances for contact centers, outsourcing allows you access to the newest technology available, such as real-time software allowing phone agents to handle calls in real-time rather than retroactively. This software comes with next-best-action capabilities, drawing from customer data and utilizing the context of the conversation to guide agents to best serve your clients. The capabilities of the newest software are impressive. Outsourcing to a contact center that specializes in utilizing such advances will assure you that your customers are getting the best available, without you needing to be a specialist yourself.

Specialized agents

Speaking of specializing, outsourced call centers also happen to specialize in customer service. Their process of hiring, training, and utilizing systems is polished and refined. They know exactly what to look for in a customer service representative and they ensure that their agents are meeting or exceeding performance standards. Your call center will have a system for monitoring and analyzing agent performance and for collecting feedback. When you outsource a call center, you are spared the entire process of hiring, training, monitoring and analyzing agent performance, not to mention fixing technical errors and web glitches.

Your contact center should have an outsourcing Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which lists promised services and steps for correcting potential issues. You can rest assured that service will be given as agreed upon and that when problems arise, you have specialized professionals handling them for you.

24/7 service

Whether your company has a global presence, or you want your customers to have access to your services during all hours, a major perk of outsourcing is proving that for your customers. If your company is global, providing 24 hour service is a must, and with an outsourced call center, you can be sure that the quality of your service is unchanged, regardless of the time of day or night.

Having 24 hour service shows your customers a willingness to serve them, an appreciation for their differing schedules, and an accessibility to your services, without you necessarily being accessible. Ultimately, having 24 hour service proves that you value your customers, and being reachable engenders their loyalty.

Making the choice

Deciding to outsource frees up your hands to work exclusively on your core business with the assurance that your valued customers are in the hands of trained professionals with a commitment to them and to you.