4662095690_06817efa7e_zSince opening our doors in 2008, ROI Call Center Solutions has been owned and operated in the U.S. We are proudly committed to employing hundreds of call center agents close to home.

Our commitment adds to an estimated 5 million Americans employed in call centers across America. While we work in domestic and global capacities, serving our clients in 4 locations globally and 21 different languages, we can find the best solution for your business and customers. Understanding what type of service works best for your company, products, and customers is key to your business success. Here we will help you see and understand key factors to both domestic and international call center services.

Domestic Call Centers

Our domestic call centers offer a variety of benefits to our customers. Domestic call centers staffed by native employees can respond to local and national calls while mirroring language and cultural understanding.

As agents take calls, they will deal with a wide range of callers. These callers will have an array of concerns and questions. An agent’s ability to understand and meet these needs is greatly increased when they know and understand the culture of the caller. They will understand what each individual generally values as a buyer or participant. In a domestic call center setting, agents will be able to connect with callers.

Take this scenario for example, a customer calls in and is concerned with product shipping and delivery dates around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, traditionally days observed by U.S. businesses. Using a domestic call center would allow them to best understand and handle the situation.

International Call Centers

International call centers also provide some important benefits. The following information could help you in finding the right fit for your company.

Outsourcing decreases costs. Business expenses are always a common and ever present aspect to any startup, small business, or even a booming power house. Owning, renting, and staffing a call center can be costly, not to mention maintaining the technical and communication hardware at a competitive level. Outsourcing these expenses can be a very easy and obvious answer for many business leaders.

Many ecommerce and online companies have large international customer demographics. Depending on your specific company’s needs, using an international call center can beneficial. Just like the U.S. agent being able to meet the cultural needs of a U.S. customer, it can be important to meet the needs of another country or culture as well. ROI provides services through four locations worldwide and in twenty-one different languages.

With centers and services worldwide, contact center services are always available, 24/7/365. Selecting an international call center will allow you to be available when your customers need you, night or day. Providing this type of service is key to maintaining a global footprint.

Regardless of your needs we maintain the highest quality possible in all of our locations. Our core values are embodied by each and every employee. Maintaining these standards has provided us with success and growth since 2008. For more information about your call center needs, contact ROI Call Center Solutions.

Photo via Flickr user cayusa / CC BY