First Class Customer SatisfactionIn a recent Forbes article, an interesting suggestion was put to the readers: Never give the customer a “maybe” in response to a valid question.

You’ve heard the maxim: “The customer is always right.” When the merchant fumbles a play, the door should be open to render an on-the-spot decision to rectify the situation – even if the response is “no.”

When a manager waffles on an answer to a genuine query regarding a customer service issue, that indecision leaves the customer essentially on hold, even when the interchange occurs in a face-to-face setting.

Upset people want a quick resolution. Any hesitation in responding to a customer inquiry will only add to the client’s frustration. What a disgruntled customer wants more than anything else is a clearly stated decision and a specific course of follow-up action aimed at resolving the disconnect. Business owners should take ownership of a customer-service issue from the get-go, assigning staff to resolve the client’s concerns as quickly as is humanly possible.

The last straw for an unhappy client is to be passed around from one staffer to the next until the customer’s frustration is at the breaking point. We say “the buck stops here.”