When to outsource company communication?

When is it Right to Outsource Company Communication?


Man writing on a notepadWith the increase in large and mid-sized companies turning some or all of the communications over to outsourcing services, it is worthwhile to understand when full communication services outsourcing is the correct and justifiable move for a company, and on what criteria most companies base their decision to outsource.

Many communications service providers on a local level support a limited number of technologies, especially if they are the manufacturers of the specific technologies they use in their management services. Or they may be limited in their geographic coverage due to an inability to manage service levels beyond a local level. If your company is expanding globally, or has extended IT networks beyond local levels, you may a good candidate for outsourcing communication services to be managed more thoroughly than what your current system allows.

Below are a few indicators that outsourcing might be right for you.

Organizational changes

If your are undertaking organizational changes in your company, whether it be expanding, downsizing, merger and acquisition, or reorganization, communications often take a huge hit in the process. Many companies find their IT functions fail to lend appropriate communications capabilities through all channels, and experience a decline in unified communications throughout the company. Regardless of the type of organizational changes, outsourcing in anticipation of the changes can aid in maintaining service levels where gaps are likely to appear in the process.

Lack of new technology

Perhaps due to the recent recession, some companies have foregone the purchasing of new technologies for the purposes of cost containment and cash flow. If a company has not purchased much in the way of new technology within the last 3-5 years, outsourcing may be a great option for them. This is particularly true of large companies filling 500 or more contact center seats.

Purchasing new operating systems, hardware, software, and IT and communications infrastructures can be a substantial investment. If cost and capital expense pressures prevent a very necessary upgrading of technology, outsourcing communications can relieve the burden while allowing the company to expand their capabilities with the technological advances in which today’s businesses thrive.

Company growth

As companies grow, especially in multivendor environments, there are often a wide array of technologies that are pieced together. Seamless communication is nearly impossible in this situation. Managing communications in this environment might produce too many complexities to overcome without help. Outsourcing can provide the help a growing internal user base requires through higher performance and greater availability.

Other perks of outsourcing

The number one benefit of outsourcing that is appealing to most companies is cost effectiveness. With large companies saving anywhere from 20-35% in operating costs, it is easy to see why. Performance improvements, a faster, smoother switch-over to new technologies, and the option for customizable service level agreements are also very appealing. If you are undecided about whether outsourcing is right for your company, explore these benefits in your search for a solution. You may just come to understand for yourself why more and more companies are outsourcing their communications.

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