Customer Experience in Healthcare: The role of CX for the modern healthcare consumer

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Customer Experience is leading the way for transformation as today’s consumers expect more from healthcare organizations

In 2023, customer experience matters more than ever. Recent data highlight the need for improved CX to keep up with changing consumer expectations:

  • 60% of consumers expect their healthcare digital experience to mirror that of retail
  • 63% of consumers will choose one provider over another due to a strong online presence
  • 61% of consumers cite “ease of appointment booking” as a major factor in 5-star service from healthcare providers

It’s not just changing expectations that are driving the need for better customer experiences – growing healthcare and insurance costs are impacting consumer behavior too.

So how can healthcare organizations keep up?

We’re sharing 8 top Healthcare CX Strategies and how to implement them within your organization. Download the guide for our best practices for modern healthcare organizations looking to improve CX.

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