Maximizing Policyholder Retention: CX Strategies for Insurance Contact Centers

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In 2023, an effective CX strategy is a must for maximizing policyholder retention as consumer expectations rise

It’s 2023, and customer expectations are rising.

Not only do customers expect more from their retail and e-commerce experiences, but they also expect more from products and services traditionally seen as “commodity” services, such as banking, healthcare, or insurance.

As the insurance market becomes saturated, policyholders have more and more options for where to turn if their current provider isn’t meeting their needs—and insurance providers have to do more to stand out. For many, customer experience—or CX—is now one of the major ways to distinguish themselves from other insurers on the market.

So what do modern consumers expect from their insurance experiences? And how do insurance providers promote policyholder loyalty, retention, and satisfaction?

In this guide, our team of CX experts at ROI CX Solutions dives into why customer experience matters so much for today’s insurance companies, as well as what modern customers want—and what strategies will set you apart.

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