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Inbound Call Center

Inbound telemarketing staffIn the 1950’s the first call center opened the doors to businesses in need of outsourced marketing solutions. Ever since, inbound call centers have played a huge role in the success of both small business and large corporations. At we provide inbound call center services and strive to give our clients the most effective and affordable telemarketing solutions on the market today.

Inbound Call Center Services

To make your inbound telemarketing campaign a success requires a combination of careful planning, scalability, and flexibility. Here at the call centers of our inbound call center services focus on identifying top inbound telemarketing buyers and prospects by examining purchase patterns. Our agents then provide these potential clients with targeted offers.

Our call center services include:

Customer Acquisition

Acquire and retain clients like never before by using ROI’s team of specialized communication experts. We’ll listen to feedback and help you develop strategies to cater to the wants and needs of your clients. We’ll also assist you in Marketing Analysis so you can improve your performance and strengthen your customer relations.

Customer Care

As your go-to call center services, ROI Solutions can give you top-of-the-line customer care service that saves money and advances sales volume. With our help, you will improve business-to-client relationships and win long-lasting customers.

Direct Response

With ROI’s inbound call center solutions, you can benefit from services like Order Taking, Help Desk, and Technical Support that all work to make your company as transparent and accessible as possible.  

Upsell and Cross-sell

Maximize the potential of each and every phone call with our unique Up Sales and Cross Sales service. Our communications professionals are trained and experienced in offering a product in addition to the product or service a customer is currently purchasing. Additionally, we are experts at selling items that are related or can be integrated with the item being sold. These valuable skills will help to grow your sales volume exponentially.

Answering Services

Manage and expand your business with this affordable communications solution. This cost-effective option gives your clients 24-hour accessibility to assistance, no matter where they are in the world.

Daily or Weekly Reporting Services

Thanks to advanced call center inbound technology, ROI has the capability of providing you with daily or weekly reporting services that help manage inventory, company growth, customer satisfaction and feedback.  

The project management staff of our call centers works closely with you to carefully script inbound calls that streamline the inquiry and order process to maximize conversions. Our inbound telemarketing programs allow you to schedule meetings anytime throughout the campaign to review and, if necessary, revise your direct response service. 

Our years of industry experience, combined with up-to-date technology, make us a top-tier call center in the United States and allows us to offer superior call center services. With ROI’s advanced brand training methods your customers are getting a qualified and knowledgeable representative every time they call. We go above and beyond to ensure your wants and needs are met and your customers are satisfied. When you choose ROI as your professional inbound call center, you’re getting much more than an outsourcing communications company — you’re getting a trusted friend.


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