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Afterhours 24/7 & Overflow Call Center

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If your company’s in-house call center isn’t reaching its maximum potential, it is likely time to consider using ROI’s reliable after-hours answering services. The specially trained phone operators in our overflow call center are prepared to answer calls and direct questions, concerns, and feedback in order to reduce your employee’s workload.

Whether you’re a growing organization that needs the assistance of an overflow call center or a small business that needs a 24×7 answering service, ROI Solutions has the training, experience, and resources that will help your business excel in customer service.

Superior Overflow Call Center Services

At ROI Solutions, we understand that the demands of running a business can often leave little time for achieving seamless customer service. However, by taking advantage of our overflow and after hours call center you no longer have to worry about phones ringing off the hook or calls going unanswered. No longer do you risk losing precious time, money, and clientele due to simply not having the resources to answer overflow calls or provide around the clock customer service.

Our 24-hour call center representatives have the training and experience to professionally handle after hours and overflow calls. Additionally, ROI offers a host of services, including:

  • Peak-hour overflow service
  • Outbound services for onshore and offshore call centers
  • Special event and promotion relief

For companies with equipment or personnel limitations, we’re also proud to offer backup and in-house services that streamline customer service and retain valuable business.

Benefits of ROI’s Universal Reach

As a leader in the call center industry, ROI Solutions provides unprecedented services in over 19 languages from four different locations across the globe. Our 700 employees are committed to top-tier training so we can constantly improve our methods of call center services and provide unparalleled business to our loyal clients. 

With technical support personnel, friendly help desk assistants, customer service representatives, and sales conversion experts, we are able to provide you with the after-hours answering services you need to create, cultivate, and maintain loyal customer relationships.

Partner with ROI Solutions today and provide your valued customers with overflow call center and after hours answering services. Whether you need an answering service for a small business or a large corporation, we can help. Contact us at (385) 207-7588 to speak with an ROI Solutions overflow specialist and learn about the benefits of call center outsourcing today. We look forward to working with you.