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As one of the “call center capitals of the world,” the Philippines have an established reputation as an affordable and scalable solution for call center operations worldwide. Whether you’re just beginning to think about outsourcing or looking to scale your existing team, the ROI CX Solutions team in the Philippines is ready to bring you world-class results at an affordable cost.

Why work with ROI CX Solutions in the Philippines?

Not all call centers are created equal—and at ROI CX Solutions, we’re committed to ensuring each of our clients receives world-class customer service and an exceptional experience. What sets ROI CX Solutions apart?

Employee engagement and investment

We know that our employees are the bread and butter delivering exceptional service to your customers each day—so we place a high value on supporting and educating our employees. We even staff a team of English language professionals to provide continuing education and language training for our employees to reduce accents and improve communication.

Flexibility and scalability

Want to operate a hybrid call center model with both on-site and remote agents? We can do that. Need to scale your team quickly? Our call center can accommodate high call volumes and large teams, as well as scale up and down throughout the year as seasonality demands.

Affordable staffing

When scaling operations, the affordable labor costs and reduced overhead costs of the Philippines make it much easier to scale cost-effectively. In addition, large teams—or teams who are tackling high call volumes—will find outsourcing to the Philippines much more affordable.

Prime location

The ROI CX Solutions Philippines office is located in Metropolitan Cebu, a hub for business and technology. Due to our prime location in the heart of the Business and IT districts, our Philippines headquarters are able to support both local and global clients. In addition, we have access to high-quality infrastructure and governmental support, ensuring your service quality never skips a beat.

Philippines call center agent at their computer

About ROI CX Solutions’ offshoring

The ROI CX Solutions’ Philippines call center is optimized for employee engagement and affordable scalability for clients.

For example, our expansive call center features over 300 workstations, allowing our large team to tackle any level of call volumes, as well as provide outsourcing services for large global companies. In addition, we currently have about 90% of our Philippines agents working remotely, effectively expanding our workspace and scalability.

Our location in Cebu, the Queen City of the Southern Philippines, also enables us to provide superior client experiences. Not only can we offer access for our clients to the global business hub of Cebu, but we also provide clients with the opportunity to employ the highest-quality talent of both Cebu and surrounding islands through our remote workforce. We also provide security and transportation services to better ensure a safe and productive work environment.

Our team structure is likewise organized for both employee and client benefits. Our organizational structure includes both on-site and remote positions for account managers, team leaders, QA managers, and agents, as well as a dedicated HR and recruitment team that manages employee recruiting, hiring, training and more. Our dedicated HR team enables us to focus on our employee experience and satisfaction—increasing quality service levels—while also having an operational and strategic team that manages our client strategy and results.

Philippines call center services

The ROI CX Solutions’ Philippines call center is proud to have developed a reputation of integrity and excellence in BPO, but we offer a variety of services beyond BPO. For example, we offer:

Answering Services

Scale your business quickly and cost-effectively with 24-hour call answering services for customer queries or support.

Customer Service / Support

Inbound customer service teams can support web chat, voice calls, email and more.

Technical Support

Support customers with technical questions about your product or services.

Multichannel / Omnichannel Services

Let your customers reach you on a variety of channels, and deliver a seamless experience to them at every step.

Quality Assurance

Our QA processes systemize your service, so you can ensure success and improvement both on the individual and team level.

Lead Generation and Telemarketing

Grow your business with outbound marketing services, like market and customer research, and high-quality leads pre-vetted for your sales team and more!

Industries we serve

Is outsourcing to the Philippines right for your business? Our call center has experience with a wide variety of industries, including:

Law Firms
Property Management
Retail & Ecommerce
Food Service

How to choose the right Philippines call center

Even though location is important when it comes to call center outsourcing, there’s a lot more to consider to ensure you have the right partnership. For example:

a Mexico call center agen
Proven results

Experienced call centers should be able to demonstrate their strategy and results, either through case studies, client testimonials or other means. Ensuring that their strategies and experiences result in positive outcomes is a must before entering a partnership.

Client experience

Of course, you’ll also want to consider how your experience with this provider will be—will the provider be easy to communicate and collaborate with? How do they provide updates on data and results? Easy communication early in the process generally bodes well, but be sure to evaluate their working culture and reviews from other clients.

Flexibility and scalability

A great call center will offer both short-term and long-term scalability. For example, you may need to scale up just for a peak holiday season, or you may need to scale your team incrementally as demand grows. Either way, your call center should provide flexibility to do so and have the staffing and resources to support your needs for scale.

Technology and infrastructure

When looking for a call center in the Philippines, ensure that your potential provider makes use of best-in-class technology and has a solid infrastructure to support your business with little to no disruptions.

Expert leadership

Leadership can make or break a call center, so evaluate your potential providers’ leadership and organization structure carefully. Both the structure of the organization and the quality of the leadership should support your business goals and provide high-quality leadership for the services and agents you need.

How do Philippines call centers compare?

Philippines is growing in popularity for outsourcing, but how does it compare to other popular outsourcing locations?

Market Size Large labor market makes scaling and flexible solutions easy Subject to ebbs and flows of US labor market and demands Smaller labor market due to geographic size can limit scalability and flexibility Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly, but with some quality issues Large labor market makes scaling easy and cost-effective Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly
Infrastructure and technology Strong infrastructure and technology caters to a US market Infrastructure and technology is on par for US norms Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other nearshoring locations Infrastructure is often less sophisticated or consistent compared to other outsourcing locations Cultural focus on technology and innovation supports infrastructure and modern tech Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other locations
Cultural or Linguistic Compatibility Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural or linguistic issues are rarely problems Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural and linguistic barriers are common issues, especially in customer-facing roles Proximity to Europe heightens familiarity with Western cultures and languages Cultural compatibility with Western countries make connecting with customers easier
Taxes and Business Tax incentives and exchanges rates in Mexico are favorable for US businesses US-based outsourcing offers familiar tax and legal systems, but at a premium price As a US territory, taxes and legal systems don’t offer any unique benefits, and have additional complications since Puerto Rico is not an official state. No specific tax benefits or legal incentives No specific tax benefits or legal incentives, though proximity to Europe increases familiarity with Western business models No specific tax benefits or legal incentives
Multilingual Availability Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Multilingual or bilingual agents are rarer and more expensive Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages Multilingual agents often speak French and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages
Proximity Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Nearby call centers invite accessibility and collaboration Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Geographic distance creates barriers to accessibility and collaboration Proximity to Europe makes call centers more accessible for clients Geographic distance can create less control and collaboration available
Cost & Quality Very cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality High service quality, but more expensive services Cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality Very affordable services, but often with a lower service quality Very affordable services with a high service quality Very affordable services, but often with some language or communication barriers
A Philippines call center office

See results from our Philippines call centers

Want to see how ROI CX Solutions can provide results for your business?

Read some of our client stories or connect with an expert today to see how outsourcing to our Philippines call center can help you affordably scale your team.


Philippines call center FAQs

Is offshoring or onshoring better?

This depends on your needs as a company. Offshoring offers more affordable solutions, flexible services and scalable workforces. It’s also typically easier to find bilingual agents or offer round-the-clock services. However, onshoring offers a higher level of control and may offer more security or quality than some offshoring locations.

What is the biggest advantage of outsourcing to the Philippines?

The Philippines is a popular outsourcing location because of its many advantages. For example, the affordable labor costs and reduced overhead costs means businesses often save up to 70% when outsourcing to the Philippines, making scaling your business more cost-effective.

Are call centers in the Philippines or India better?

The Philippines are gradually becoming more sought after as a call center outsourcing location due to the higher quality of agents and staffing. Due to the strong Western influence on the Philippines, many agents speak English without an accent, making communication easier, and the high number of call centers means customer experience is an established and well-known industry, often garnering better results from outsourcing businesses.

Does the Philippines have good infrastructure for outsourcing?

Yes, the Philippines are an established and reputable outsourcing destination. Within the region, you’ll find many call centers and outsourcing providers that offer strong infrastructure and up-to-date technology to support your business needs consistently.