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Tunisia, a small country in Northern Africa, is a growing destination for outsourcing. Tunisia has established itself as an innovation hub, offering growing workforces and affordable outsourcing for nearby European or global companies.

Why Choose a Call Center in Tunisia?

Easily accessible from Europe

Just a short, two-hour flight from many major hubs in Europe, Tunisia is an accessible and attractive destination for outsourced call centers. Its proximity offers massive accessibility—same-day or overnight return trips are easily possible—while at the same time providing access to a large workforce in a low cost-of-living region.

Strong recruitment options

Tunisia has a large and educated workforce that offers strong recruitment capabilities, especially in Tunis—the capital city where the ROI CX Solutions call center is located. In addition, due to the proximity to Europe, bilingualism is common, especially with languages like French and English.

Innovative solutions

Tunisia is the 3rd-most innovative country in Africa, particularly in human resources and research. It’s also highly ranked in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, signaling a strong culture of innovation and business growth. Both of these focuses contribute to its strong call centers and customer service industries.

Flexible and affordable solutions

With a much lower cost-of-living compared to many European countries or the US, Tunisia offers access to a flexible and affordable workforce while still ensuring high-quality service. At the ROI CX Solutions’ call center in Tunisia, we also have about 20% of our workforce operating remotely, creating flexible hybrid models you can take advantage of to implement 24/7 hours services or further reduce your costs.


Our team in Tunisia operates in an independent facility, with a capacity for up to 250 workstations. We also support remote staffing, effectively expanding our operations. Through both significant staffing space and remote agents, our call center in Tunisia is able to handle a substantial volume of calls.

We’ve also optimized our call center facilities for both security and employee engagement to better serve the needs of our clients. For example, our facilities feature restricted access doors that ensure only authorized personnel can enter the premises, creating a higher level of protection and enhancing security of sensitive information.

We also have break rooms, a food marketplace and comfortable and enjoyable workspaces that ensure employees are able to both work and recharge in safe, clean and enjoyable areas, enhancing employee satisfaction and empowering agents to do their best work. The ROI CX Solutions Tunisia team also provides work transportation services that make commuting easier, safer and more reliable, ensuring consistent and adequate staffing for our clients.

Tunisia Call Center Services

Our team in Tunisia offers a wide variety of services. Whether you need inbound or outbound support, or a mix of both, we’re here to help.

Multichannel / Omnichannel Support

Connect with your customers via more than just phone lines with our team that can support email, web chat, instant messaging, SMS, social media and more.

Multilingual Support

Reach your customers in their own languages—multilingual support expands your customer base and improves your customer service.

Help Desk Services

Get customized help desk solutions to provide customer care, product support and more to your customers

Technical Support

High-quality technical support for your products or services to all of your customers, whenever you need it.

Lead Generation Services

Make your sales cycle more cost-effective and productive with our lead gen services that provide your sales team with qualified, warm leads—more sales closed and less time spent prospecting.

Telemarketing and Surveys

Grow your business through outbound marketing, market research, customer feedback and more.

Industries We Serve

Our call center in Tunisia serves a variety of industries, including:

Retail & Ecommerce
Consumer Services

How To Choose The Right Call Center

While location matters greatly, choosing the right call center doesn’t just come down to where your agents are located. You should also consider expertise, experience, quality, services offered, results, security and more. Keep in mind these key factors to consider before starting an outsourcing partnership to ensure the best experience.

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Expertise and experience

When vetting your potential providers, consider their expertise and experience with your audience, industry, and goals. For example, if a provider is experienced with your industry, but has never achieved proven results in the areas that you need help in, it’s not going to be a good fit long-term. Look for experience with similar brands and needs to ensure your provider knows how to best help your business.

Results and testimonials

In addition, any good call center should be able to demonstrate proven results and case studies that back up their experience and expertise. You may also want to ask for client testimonials or reviews from previous or current clients to corroborate their results, or understand what the partnership experience is like.

Future growth and development

Your business is growing—and your outsourcing providers should be able to grow alongside you. Ensure that your call center has both the physical staffing and the recruiting capabilities to scale effectively as you need, as well as a commitment to innovation, growth and development for client solutions and employee development. Ongoing employee development can strengthen service levels, and a commitment to growth and development ensures your customer service (or other outsourced processes) will stay up-to-date on best practices.

Technology and innovation

Importantly, your call center should have an up-to-date and modern tech stack that integrates with any tools, CRMs, software or other technology that you’re currently using. An innovative call center will likely have access to the latest technology, strengthening your customer service effectiveness and efficiency.

Communication and values

Communication can make or break an outsourcing partnership, especially if your outsourcing provider is located in another country—meaning remote and asynchronous communication will be the norm. As you evaluate providers, get a clear understanding of your potential providers’ communication practices, workplace cultures and company values, and ensure that they align with your own.

How do Tunisian Call Centers Compare?

Tunisia is growing in popularity for outsourcing, but how does it compare to other popular outsourcing locations?

Market Size Large labor market makes scaling and flexible solutions easy Subject to ebbs and flows of US labor market and demands Smaller labor market due to geographic size can limit scalability and flexibility Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly, but with some quality issues Large labor market makes scaling easy and cost-effective Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly
Infrastructure and technology Strong infrastructure and technology caters to a US market Infrastructure and technology is on par for US norms Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other nearshoring locations Infrastructure is often less sophisticated or consistent compared to other outsourcing locations Cultural focus on technology and innovation supports infrastructure and modern tech Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other locations
Cultural or Linguistic Compatibility Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural or linguistic issues are rarely problems Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural and linguistic barriers are common issues, especially in customer-facing roles Proximity to Europe heightens familiarity with Western cultures and languages Cultural compatibility with Western countries make connecting with customers easier
Taxes and Business Tax incentives and exchanges rates in Mexico are favorable for US businesses US-based outsourcing offers familiar tax and legal systems, but at a premium price As a US territory, taxes and legal systems don’t offer any unique benefits, and have additional complications since Puerto Rico is not an official state. No specific tax benefits or legal incentives No specific tax benefits or legal incentives, though proximity to Europe increases familiarity with Western business models No specific tax benefits or legal incentives
Multilingual Availability Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Multilingual or bilingual agents are rarer and more expensive Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages Multilingual agents often speak French and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages
Proximity Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Nearby call centers invite accessibility and collaboration Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Geographic distance creates barriers to accessibility and collaboration Proximity to Europe makes call centers more accessible for clients Geographic distance can create less control and collaboration available
Cost & Quality Very cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality High service quality, but more expensive services Cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality Very affordable services, but often with a lower service quality Very affordable services with a high service quality Very affordable services, but often with some language or communication barriers

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Tunisia Call Center FAQs

Is outsourcing to Tunisia affordable?

Outsourcing to Tunisia is very cost-effective, due in part to a lower cost-of-living in Tunisia compared with Western Europe or the US. As a result, it’s becoming a popular base for call centers and customer service outsourcing.

Is Tunisia technologically advanced?

Tunisia is quickly becoming known as a tech and innovation hub within Africa and the Middle East, ranking high on human capital, innovation and technological developments. The governmental support and innovative focus amongst the workforce makes Tunisia a good choice for affordable outsourcing.

What is offshore outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing involves outsourcing a segment of non-core business processes to a provider located geographically far from your country of business. Traditionally, this has meant India or the Philippines, however, new and innovative offshore locations include Tunisia, Poland and Argentina.

Where is most customer service outsourced to?

The most popular countries for outsourcing customer service include India, the Philippines, Mexico, the US and Brazil.