5 Things to Consider About Professional Call Centers

Two business men shaking hands at international business meeting.Most outsourced businesses claim to offer professional services and promise superior customer care. But what does it really mean to be professional? Here are five things to consider when looking for a professional call center.

 Qualified Call Center Agents

Like everything good business—it starts with people. While we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and all the other aspects of the call center industry, we begin with people—our employees. Our Call Center agents play an intricate role in our professional call center prowess.

Our agents are grounded in team and client success. With business philosophies like, “Help each other succeed,” and “We check our egos at the door,” ROI Solutions is equipped have successful and confident agents interacting with your customers on a daily basis. Agent’s attitude play a large role in their ability to provide customer service and salesmanship. We establish these requirements in the hiring, training, and promotional processes.


Beyond just the work environment, culture plays a role in the professionalism you and your clients can expect. With other philosophies and business beliefs like, “be results focused,” and “We innovate and constantly improve,” at the core of what we do; we can understand your competitive and forward thinking business plan. Our culture establishes us an exemplar professional call center.

Global Reach

While being owned and operated in the U.S. since 2008, we are not solely domestic. ROI Solutions operates in four locations around the world supporting 19 languages. This wide reach allows us to handle diverse clientele and very specific customers.

We streamline the global work load through a combination of hosted applications, technology infrastructure, and an award winning team. Having a global impact, in a literal sense, has allowed us to stay on top of the professional call center world.


We strive to be an industry leader, remaining innovative and professional. Sometimes organization struggle to be innovative and still play by the rules. We are proactively HIPPA and PCI compliant. Correctly complying with HIPPA and PCI have allowed us to confidently handle and service ranging clientele.

We are happy to play by the rules. We want to succeed with customer safety and privacy at the forefront. Encrypted databases and robust network security devices and policies ensure maximum data security for all those that share information with us.

Proven Track Record

Based upon people and culture we have found success and proven profitability for both big and small businesses. This is most evident in our work with other successful companies like Samsung, Visa, and Nissan. These relationships have given us a proven track record as a professional call center service provider.

In addition to providing for large global companies we have maintained and added success for a handful of our other business clients. We are a proven professional call center provider.

As your look for and evaluate professional call center providers don’t forget ROI Call Center Solutions—your contact center of excellence. Contact ROI Solutions today.


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