How to Implement First Call Resolution Training [Successfully]




When a customer calls a business and with a question or concern that is answered promptly, that is known as first call resolution. First call resolution, or FCR, is one of the most important contact-based business metrics. It is vital to understand the importance of FCR and to track your call agents’ efficiency. These metrics will indicate the health of your customer service model and will help to measure customer satisfaction.

Keeping how important FCR is in mind, it becomes vital to train call center employees on the principles of first call resolution. Below are a few ways to place special emphasis on FCR when training or integrating employees.

First Call Resolution Training: What to Focus On 

Step 1: Start your training with the basics. Do your own homework first and make sure you’ve got a measurement of your current FCR. Take the time to set realistic improvement goals, and then create a plan to achieve those goals. That plan should include training your employees. 

Once these three things are set in place, you’re ready to take the next step. 

Step 2: Train your call agents. Know the areas of first call resolution you want to place particular emphasis on, and make sure your employees understand the HOW and the WHY of what you want to accomplish.

This can look like any number of things, but we especially recommend the following:

  • The WHY: Your FCR count might look great if your agents are buzzing through a crazy amount of calls each day. But are they being efficient rather than effective? Efficiency is good, but it’s better when coupled with effectiveness. After all, the whole point of first call resolution is to resolve the problem the first time around. If a customer keeps calling back with additional questions, it’s not really efficient or effective. Help your employees understand that. 
  • Give your employees the answers: Answering a customer’s question is so much easier for your agent if they already know the answer. Train your employees well. Make sure they know as much as they can about topics that get a lot of questions. Update them regularly, and make them aware of any changes—whether in policy, practice, or with products/services.
  • Be consistent: This isn’t a one and done type of training. It’s something you’ll need to constantly devote time, energy, and attention to as your company and the questions  about your goods and services evolve and change. 

Step 3: Understand this is a marathon, not a sprint: It will take time and effort, but as you start with the basics and practice the above tips, you’ll be able to help your employees gain a greater insight into the importance of first call resolution.

In summary, when customers are able to get answers to questions quickly, they are more satisfied with your business. Satisfied customers speak highly of your business and word-of-mouth reviews are one of the best forms of advertising out there. Thus, it’s necessary to train employees on first call resolution practices. If employees are busy tending to other business matters, consider using a call center service like ROI Call Center Solutions to address your customer service call needs.

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