Han Butler Steps Up as New ROI Call Center President

AMERICAN FORK — ROI Call Center Solutions, a provider of specialized inbound and outbound outsourced customer service, recently announced the selection of Han Butler as its next president. Butler, who previously served as the company’s Vice President of Marketing & Business Development and Chief Revenue Officer, has been with ROI Call Center Solutions for approximately five years.

Along with years of experience within the company, Butler brings to the position several years of education and training within web development, marketing solutions, and business management sectors. Butler’s role as acting president of ROI Call Centers became official in June, 2017.

“I am pleased to announce the promotion of Han Butler from Chief Revenue Officer to President,” said the CEO and founder of ROI Call Center Solutions, Robert Schow. “During his tenure here, Han has implemented sales initiatives and marketing programs that have helped grow the company revenue significantly.”

While serving as Chief Revenue Officer, Butler was responsible for developing a multi-channel marketing and sales funnel that ultimately increased company lead flow by more than nine times. Butler also increased the average opportunity value by 387% and grew the top line revenue by 867% in just over 36 months. Furthermore, Butler was responsible for exceeding revenue by remarkable percentages every year since 2014.

In his new position as president, Butler will use his passion for working with people on creating value and opportunity to grow the company, improve value-based solutions, and cultivate deeper customer relations from the top down.

“With this new position, Han will be tasked with the continued growth of the business as well as helping ROI Solutions gain improved efficiency and operational excellence,” Schow said.

With over 1,000 employees worldwide, ROI Call Center Solutions strives to help partners provide clients with top-tier services that enhance the overall customer experience. As president, Butler will focus on providing a foundation to achieve one of the company’s primary goals: to help businesses succeed.

A big thanks to all of our employees and clients across the world that make our company possible and for allowing me to do what I enjoy; working with people, creating new opportunity, creating jobs, and building systems, all while being my adventurous, Lego-building self,” Butler stated.

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