Medical Answering Service: Customizing The Customer Experience

Providing great customer service day and night isn’t always as easy as it sounds—especially when your customer base is comprised of patients who may be feeling sick and irritable. While it might be easier said than done, that doesn’t change the fact that providing a smooth customer experience is especially important in the medical industry. In today’s fast-paced world, your patients not only desire, but expect quick and hospitable service from their healthcare provider.

How can your facility achieve such high standards without stifling workplace efficiency? By employing a medical answering service to field your patients’ calls around the clock.

A medical answering service is a team of live agents who assist callers, complete routine tasks, and take messages. Answering services are becoming quite common in the medical field and it’s not hard to see why. Once you’ve read through the top benefits of having a medical answering service, you’ll be dying to get one servicing your facility as soon as possible.

1. A Medical Answering Service Will Improve Your Customer Service

Having a medical answering service will greatly improve the speed and quality of your customer service. With live agents working around the clock, your patients will be able to reach a representative any time of the day without frustrating hold times. Patients can call in to ask questions, leave messages, and even schedule appointments in a timely manner.

In addition to speed, the quality of your service will improve. Rather than speaking with a distracted employee who is also manning the front desk and assisting other staff members, your patients will have the opportunity to speak with a virtual receptionist who is able to provide each caller with their undivided attention.

2. Your Valuable Staff Members Will Have More Time on Their Hands

In addition to improving your customer experience, a medical answering service will also save your staff members a great deal of time. Because virtual receptionists will be taking all of the basic calls and messages, your in-house staff will be free to handle more complicated calls and better assist patients in the office.

Just think of the countless hours that are spent scheduling, changing, and canceling appointments. If you had an answering service to handle appointment details for every patient, the rest of your staff would have so much more time to dedicate to patients in the office and your workplace efficiency would receive a generous boost.

With a medical answering service, you’ll soon find that the employees who are usually bogged down with calls will have much more time and energy to put toward their more pressing responsibilities. Not only will this contribute to the improvement of service inside your medical facility, but it will also allow you to reduce your staff and the costs that come with employing enough individuals to man the phones during work hours.

3. Your Patients Will Receive Constant Service

With the help of a medical answering service, your patients will be able to get the assistance they need when they need it. Having a virtual receptionist on your team means that you can choose to provide your patients with a way to contact your facility 24/7. As you may have guessed, this level of genuine customer care is simply unparalleled in the medical industry. Not only will your patients be able to obtain the answers and information they need at any time, but callers with emergencies will be able to receive immediate attention. That’s right—your virtual receptionists can also help dispatch emergency calls.

The benefits that come with a medical answering service are invaluable. With a team of qualified virtual receptionists, you can improve your customer service, provide patients with genuine care at all hours of the day, boost workplace efficiency, and so much more.

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