Do 24/7 Support Operations Really Make a Difference?

Almost all of us are asleep at 3 AM. This simple fact leads many to wonder whether they need 24/7 support operations. Do you really need your I.T. staff or customer support specialists online in the middle of the night if everyone they could possibly help is asleep?

Additionally, support operations require resources. Whether it is keeping the lights on late or paying someone to answer calls after hours, there is no such thing as free phone support. Because of this, some may wonder whether if it is worth it to pay for 24/7 support operations.

While 24/7 company support operations do add a few additional costs, they also make a real difference in your business operations. Here are the three primary ways that 24/7 support could make a difference for your business:

There Whenever You Need Them

It is true that you probably don’t need I.T. support after midnight. It is equally true that, when you do, it is usually extremely important. Unfortunately, emergencies do not wait until working hours to arise. 24/7 support is there to make sure you have the resources to confront such exigencies whenever necessary.

When it comes to customer support, the world is more globalized and interconnected than ever. Even businesses that consider themselves relatively local can be surprised to find out they have worldwide customers. If you don’t have customers outside the country, you still have customers that travel and have emergencies, which can means they sometimes need phone support at strange hours.

When you get 24/7 support, you are prepared for every eventuality. When you outsource this assistance, the cost is not prohibitive because a specialized phone support firm can combine your low volume with others and create enough work for support representatives while being efficient. By outsourcing, you get all the advantages of 24/7 support without having to pay someone to sit by the phone all night.

Prevent Problems from Growing

When problems are caught early, there is usually a relatively simple solution to fix them. If you let a problem sit overnight, there’s a good chance it will grow into something major.

With 24/7 support, you don’t have to worry about the possibility that a problem will spiral out of control before it can be addressed. Whether you are taking advantage of company support or customer support, 24/7 availability gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is there to catch problems as they arise.


The amount of time it takes you to respond to a problem says a lot about your business. If you do not have phone support available 24/7, your company might be viewed as unprofessional or old-fashioned. 24/7 support tells customers that you are a highly motivated, modern, forward-thinking, proactive business. If you want to be viewed as in the same league as standard-setting industry leaders, it’s important to match them in certain ways. 24/7 support is one of those ways.

Customer Satisfaction

Most of us have felt the growing frustration of being put on hold, waiting for vital assistance. 24/7 support alleviates this problem. Customers who have problems after hours don’t have to wait an entire night before they can receive help, and your daytime support lines aren’t clogged with calls that accumulated during the morning and evening. 24/7 support leads to decreased wait times and higher customer satisfaction. If your company is in need of 24/7 support operations, contact ROI Call Center Solutions. We are happy to help you develop a solution for your business.

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