8 Over-the-Phone Sales Tips for Beginners

Sales certainly requires a unique skill set, with over-the-phone sales being perhaps the highest art form. If you’re new to phone sales, you may be wondering how to sell over the phone for outbound calls. In a world where most consumers are always on the go, cold-calling can be nerve-wracking and downright discouraging.

Fortunately, learning a few selling-over-the-phone secrets can help you to up your game right away. Check out our list of phone sales tips for beginners.

1. Set Micro Goals

Goal-setting is a key part of success in any job, but many people only think about setting lofty goals that will take months or even years to obtain. This makes it easy to lose sight of the goal and give up when you’ve just barely begun. Micro goals eliminate this issue by giving you daily benchmarks that are easy to achieve and help you stay on track.

In addition to your monthly and yearly goals, make sure to set daily goals that will help you stay motivated, too.

2. Gamify the Sales Process

Have you been hung up on one too many times? Turning the sales experience into a game can help you stay positive. Join forces with your co-workers to create some friendly competition, giving rewards for the most calls made, most sales closed, etc. This will make it easier to look on the bright side when you have low moments in your sales career.

3. Call at the Right Time

People seem to be busier than ever, making it hard to reach potential customers by phone. They may have their smartphone attached to their body at all times, but they’re probably hesitant to pick up an unknown number when they’re out and about, in a meeting, or spending time with family.

Therefore, calling at the right time is one of the best phone sales techniques for beginners to follow. Try catching people in the early morning or later in the evening, when they’re more likely to be at home.

4. Sound Genuine

You know that enthusiastic, cheesy sales voice? The one consumers can spot from a mile away? Don’t use it. You may be tempted to put on an ultra-cheery tone when someone answers the phone, but it’s better to be more low-key and genuine-sounding. You’ll be more likely to keep the person on the line and catch their attention. After all, the “cheese sales voice” is completely expected—and over-used.

5. Develop a Contingency

A contingency is basically a fancy word for having a Plan B. Having an alternative plan for any possible outcome is one of the best phone sales techniques that close. Why? Because it forces you to stay on top of your game, no matter the outcome. If the person on the other line says they don’t have time to talk—ask if you can give them a 30-second pitch. If someone tells you they already have a similar product, be prepared to explain what makes yours better.

6. Let Them Talk

There’s nothing worse than a salesperson who does all of the talking. By nature, most people like to hear the sound of their own voice—meaning they’ll be more interested in you and what you’re selling if you allow them to get a word in.

So how do you get a skeptical person talking? Ask open-ended questions, and then really listen to their answers. Over time, you’ll become a natural at guiding the conversation, getting to know their needs, and showing how you can help.

7. Get Past the Gatekeeper

Whether you’re calling another business or a private residence, you’re likely to encounter a gatekeeper: the person who can give you access to the decision-maker. If you can’t get past the gatekeeper, all is lost. So one of the best phone sales techniques involves calling when they aren’t around or winning them over so that they’ll let you through. Learn some things about the gatekeeper to help you strategize.

8. Don’t Give Up

No matter how much time you spend reading up on examples of how to sell a product over the phone, nothing can top consistency and grit. The most successful salespeople are those who never give up. Even when you feel like you’re not making any progress—even when you feel like you’re not cut out for the job—just keep going. You’ll hone your craft over time, and your hard work will eventually pay off.

Outsource Your Sales Calls

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