Telemarketing Practices of the 21st Century

11059685_2783288072_zTelemarketing has a long history woven with ingenuity and advancement. We now find ourselves in the 21st century, and telemarketing has seen decades of advancements and success.  Where has telemarketing come from and where is it going? Business growth, technological advancements, and greater ethical commitments are carrying telemarketing into the 21st century. ROI Solutions leads the industry in these three telemarketing necessities.

Brief History

Telemarketing dates back as early as 1903, coming only thirty years after the first bi-directional transmission of clear speech by Bell and Watson. Telephone technology and telemarking were mutually driven. As telemarking demands grew so did a variety of technologies. With historical connections to Bell Telephone Company, switchboard operators, and the advancement of women in telemarking, we have seen the establish telemarketing in the 21st century.

Cutting Edge of Technology

Successful telemarketing practices in the 21st century are largely due to technological advances and our ability to cultivate them for business use. Computers, and databases have advanced the collection, organization, and usefulness of call lists, client and customer data, and history tracking. Call center and customer service agents are now furnished with helpful software, and analytical data to make better sales and conversion decisions.

Agents tasked with outbound or inbound calling can now be held to higher performance-level standards that are monitored and reported through databases and technology. This also facilitates an agents job duties, allowing them to focus on correct customer service and ethical practices.

Almost 60% of marketing managers state that B2B telemarketing is “very effective” in lead nurturing. With additional responses saying that B2B telemarketing was “effective,” 90% of marketing managers stated that B2B telemarketing was either “effective” or “very effective.” The correlation between lead generation, and bottom-line sales is easier, and ever more facilitated by technology-boosted telemarketing practices in the 21st century.

With increased effectiveness, necessity of a telemarketing strategy is a must for your business. Telemarketing is an essential part of a well prepared and progressive sales force. Customer service options bloom when clients and customers are dealt with in an accessible and personal way. The human element of telemarketing will allow it to maintain its position as an essential marketing, sales, and customer service element of any business.

Renewed Ethical Commitment as an Industry

While technology, and effectiveness have bolstered telemarketing’s rise, and prominence in the 21st century it has been stabilized by important ethical commitments. Technology allowed companies access, and connectivity they had never seen. These new levels brought added responsibility and regulations. The telemarketing industry is regulated by two prominent statutes. First, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, establishes regulations for the use of telephone equipment. Second, the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud Abuse Prevention Act, provides regulations to protect consumers from fraud and abuse.

At ROI Call Center Solutions we are also committed, and compliant with PCI and HIPPA regulations. See an earlier blog post here for more information about our commitments.

A deep history, technological advances, and ethical commitments will allow ROI Solutions, and telemarketing to continue to be an important part of your sales force framework, especially in the 21st century and forward. Contact ROI Solutions today to help your business rethink success.

Photo via Martin Carthae / CC BY

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