The Benefits of an IVR Call Center System

IVR, or interactive voice recording, is extremely beneficial for any call center to put in place. We all have had experience with IVR- it’s the automated voice message that gives the caller a ‘menu’ of departments to which their call can be directed. For example, the automated voice message may say, “press one for sales, press two for human resources,”… etc. There are several benefits to having an IVR call center system in place that we will discuss below.

1. Increased First Contact Resolution

One of the most frustrating things a customer can experience when calling a customer service representative is getting transferred to multiple different customer service reps and having to repeat their problems each time. An IVR call center system can help eliminate this issue by directing calls with a particular problem to the correct department the first time around. When the customer can have their problem solved and questions answered by the first person they contact, their experience is going to be much better than if they had been transferred several different times before they found a resolution to their issue.

2. Increased Efficiency

Efficiency will increase when customers are directed to the correct agent the first time around. Customer service reps will spend less time transferring calls, and more time providing solutions for callers. This will keep your employees more engaged, your call times shorter, and your customer more satisfied. The increased efficiency that interactive voice recordings offer is a valuable system to put in place in your call center.

3. Reduce Operational Cost

Interactive voice recordings can allow you to reduce the operational cost of your call center. IVR can replace the need for a receptionist to initially transfer calls. An IVR call center system can be significantly cheaper than a receptionist. Operational costs will also be reduced because customer service reps will be able to provide more resolution to customers by reducing the number of times that a customer is transferred to different reps. As they say, time is money.

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential for companies who want repeat customers and a good reputation. Which company doesn’t want that? It can get frustrating for customers to be transferred to multiple agents and not get the answers they need. It’s equally frustrating to wait in a long queue. An IVR call center system prioritizes calls based on their nature, and this will allow customer service reps to solve problems more quickly, which reduces the queue. When customers are consistently satisfied, a company’s reputation is boosted, and that leads to more sales.

5. Support for Busy Times

Call prioritization provides support for call centers when call volume becomes high. The calls that are the most urgent will be transferred first. Reps also won’t have to waste transferring calls back and forth, and this will make busy call times a lot more manageable. When the callers on hold are organized, it becomes quicker and easier to work through. Supporting your customer service reps by putting an IVR call center system in place will also help call center morale stay as high as possible. IVR is useful for both customer and employee support.

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