What Challenges Are Addressed by Managed IVR?

Interactive voice response (IVR) offers the modern call center an opportunity to optimize customer service like never before. Maybe you just recently heard about IVR systems, or maybe you’ve been hearing growing hype over the years. Whatever your situation, we’re here to answer any questions you might have about real-world uses for IVR.

What Is IVR?

You’ve probably interacted with many IVR systems over your lifetime—maybe without even realizing it. Every time you call a doctor’s office, customer support line, or other organization and are greeted with a phone menu, you’re engaging with IVR. These systems have become far more advanced over the past few years, allowing companies to address many common challenges within their call center.

What Is Managed or Hosted IVR?

Most of today’s IVR systems are considered managed or hosted IVR, meaning they’re hosted over a cloud database. There are many benefits to hosted IVR, including increased security and scalability. Cloud-hosted IVR also gives companies greater accessibility since this format allows them to access IVR data from anywhere in the world.

Challenges Addressed by Managed IVR

Now that you’re more familiar with IVR, you may still be wondering: What are the challenges addressed by managed IVR? In short, what is the use of IVR for a company like yours? Though we can’t possibly discuss all of the benefits of IVR in one post, we’ll mention the top ways IVR can help your company enhance the customer service experience.

1. No Busy Signals

Customers already have to put in some effort to reach out to your business for support. So they certainly don’t want to be greeted with a busy signal or put on hold for an extended period of time. Fortunately, IVR does away with busy signals, directing callers precisely where they can get help the quickest.

2. Empowering the Customer with Self-Service

Above all else, customers want resolutions to their problems as quickly as possible. Fortunately, many issues can be resolved before customers ever need to reach out to one of your agents. IVR allows more customers to get answers to their questions without wasting their time on the phone or tying up phone lines.

3. Customers Aren’t Lost on Hold

Have you ever been put on hold, only to realize the customer service agent has completely forgotten about you? If so, you know this is a situation you want to avoid at all costs within your business. Luckily, IVR can help you avoid this faux pas by directing customers to the right department in an efficient, organized manner.

4. Problems Are Solved the First Time Around

No more passing a caller back and forth between departments—IVR ensures each caller talks to the right person, every time. The customized, easy-to-use menu allows callers to get answers right away, improving first contact resolution rates and customer satisfaction overall.

5. Learn More About Your Callers

One of the other great perks of IVR systems is the ability to collect and store information about callers. This allows you to better identify callers and their needs and gives you valuable data insights you can use in other aspects of growing your business.

6. Make a Great First Impression

Today’s IVR systems create a warm and friendly first impression on behalf of your business. Gone are the robotic, computerized voices and endless lists of options. Today’s IVR systems have friendly, human voices and many use voice-recognition technology that allow customers to verbally request what they want.

Callers will appreciate the ease with which they can navigate your phone menu, and you’ll save time and resources by automating customer service processes.

7. Seamlessly Handle a Higher Call Volume

Many companies experience an ebb and flow of call volume that can be hard to predict. If you’re not prepared for those influxes, you may end up with unhappy customers. But IVR systems eliminate this problem by seamlessly handling high call volumes.

8. Reduce Cost Per Call

When it comes down to it, you’re always looking for ways to save money and increase profits. By investing in IVR, you’ll boost your bottom line as you reduce hold times, extend your customer service hours, and increase professionalism.

Integrate IVR in Your Phone System Now

When you implement IVR in your existing phone system, you’ll be able to more easily collect information about your callers, create human-like, pre-recorded messages, and automate customer service like never before. IVR offers a wealth of benefits, handling high call volumes with ease and boosting your overall image.

If you’re ready to integrate IVR in your phone system, get in touch with ROI Call Center Solutions. We offer many types of IVR systems to meet the needs of your call center. Get a free quote or contact us to learn more today.

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