What is a Virtual Call Center? Everything You Need to Know

What is a virtual call center? Rather than a large room filled with cubicles and representatives talking over each other, virtual call centers allow customer service representatives to work from anywhere in the world. Using virtual call center software or programs, support teams can provide exceptional support without being physically close to a team.

What is a Virtual Call Center?

Virtual call centers (VCC)s are basically physical call centers but online. Virtual call center representatives are similar to those who work in physical call centers in the sense that they provide customer service or technical support via the phone, email, or online chat. Additionally, VCC employees may be hired to do telemarketing, sales, or third-party verification.

How Does a Virtual Call Center Work?

VCCs are usually powered by cloud-based software or VoIP. There are also virtual call center platforms that businesses and organizations can use to connect their employees. This software allows employees from all over the world to be productive and efficient with a strong internet connection. Once set up, customers can call or email a business when they need support, but rather than connecting to a physical call center, they’ll connect with someone working remotely. Typically, virtual call center jobs are done by stay-at-home parents or freelancers who have experience with customer service or support.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Call Center?

Although VCCs feature a very different work environment than physical call centers, they have shown to improve employee efficiency and save businesses money. Some other major benefits include:

  • Cost-effective. Setting up a physical call center is expensive. Purchasing IT resources, phone terminals, hosting servers, office supplies, and furniture quickly adds up. VCC software allows you to operate the entire call center without buying the physical equipment. Plus, it’s the provider’s responsibility to maintain and upgrade their systems, allowing you to save on upgrade or repair costs.
  • No geographic limitations. With an on-site call center, you can only hire employees from your area. VCCs open up the talent pool considerably by allowing you to choose from thousands of talented agents across the world. Additionally, you avoid the hassle and stress of managing a physical call center.
  • Increase productivity. Most physical call centers are overcrowded and loud, which can significantly increase an agent’s stress and decrease their job satisfaction. By allowing employees to work from home, they’re more relaxed and happy, which results in higher productivity and efficiency. From a business standpoint, VCCs allow you to stagger agents across different time zones to help with variations in call volume, allowing you to respond to more calls faster.
  • Higher customer satisfaction. When customers are getting support from agents who are friendly, experienced, and answer their questions quickly, their overall satisfaction increases. VCCs provide customers with 24/7 support 365 days a year, allowing customers to get support outside of the 9-5 business day. Additionally, hiring employees from anywhere allows you to find agents with the mindset and attitude to provide high-quality support, even to difficult customers.
  • Lower employee turnover. A VCC eliminates the common headaches of a physical office. No commute, flexible hours, and lower stress levels all help employees get more satisfaction from their job. As a result, there’s less employee turnover and your company benefits from happier, more experienced agents.


Numerous businesses have adopted a VCC due to the ease and affordability of getting one set up. No longer do companies have to deal with clunky, crowded, and expensive call centers, VCCs are replacing these with a lightweight, streamlined way of doing business. Additionally, setting up a VCC is remarkably easy. Many virtual call center programs are available that can connect teams from thousands of places in the world in an instant. With this powerful new software, customer service reps can log in, get set up, and get to work within minutes.

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