Why Is There a Need for Domestic BPO

When choosing a business process outsourcing or BPO company to ease your business’s non-core workload, one major factor to consider is whether to hire an international or domestic service provider. Some business owners opt for foreign BPOs because of the common belief that they’re cheaper.

So why is there a need for domestic BPO services? Here we discuss the main benefits of working with them.

But First: What Is a Domestic BPO?

A domestic or onshore BPO refers to an outsourcing service provider that operates in the same country as the business hiring their services. They may even be in the same state or city. Moreover, domestic BPOs typically cater to their client’s domestic customers, while an international or overseas BPO generally accommodates foreign customers.

For instance, a business based in the US might hire a domestic call center to handle local callers. Meanwhile, a foreign call center will handle callers from other countries.

5 Main Advantages of Working with a Domestic BPO

Why exactly should you consider getting a domestic BPO to help with your business operations? Let’s review their main benefits.

1. Overcome Language or Cultural Barriers

Domestic BPOs operate in the same country as their client business and customers. That means their teams speak the same language and know the figures of speech, expressions, and other words and phrases. Foreign BPO agents might not be able to catch these terms. It could result in miscommunications and lead to mistakes.

Since they share, more or less, the same culture, domestic BPO agents will also have a better understanding of how to interact with fellow locals. An international BPO agent might accidentally offend customers who aren’t from their country due to not completely understanding cultural nuances.

2. No Major Time Zone Differences

Another advantage of working with a domestic BPO is that you both work in the same time zone or have minimal differences. For instance, a California-based company would only be one hour behind a domestic BPO provider in Utah. Therefore, it would be easier for both sides to schedule appointments or meetings as one of them wouldn’t have to do it at odd hours to accommodate the other.

3. More Confidence with Data Security StandardsA laptop with a lock overlaid on it

Every country will have its unique data security requirements and laws. You’d run the risk of hiring foreign BPOs with systems more vulnerable than those in your country. That would mean your own company’s data might be in danger as well.

Hiring a domestic BPO to handle local matters can reassure you that your data is protected by security measures that you are more familiar with. After all, the BPO would likely be adhering to the same standards as well.

4. Minimal Technological Differences

One more advantage of a domestic BPO is that it’s faster and cheaper for them to get the latest tech and software in the US, which would help make their workflow much faster. On the other hand, a foreign BPO may often be cheaper, but they might not have easy access to the latest BPO tools and programs, affecting their output for your company.

5. Easier to Monitor

Since the domestic BPO is located in the same country or even the same state or city as your business, it would be easier for you to visit their facilities. You could find out for yourself if they’re operating as expected, instead of overseas BPOs where sometimes you’d have to trust their word—unless you take the time and effort to travel to their country.

Being able to travel to their office more easily enables you to work more closely with the domestic BPO’s management since you can meet and share ideas in person. With an offshore BPO, you’d usually be limited to emails and virtual meetings.

Enjoy World-Class Domestic BPO Services with ROI Solutions

Knowing why there is a need for domestic BPO providers is the first step to deciding whether it’s time to hire outsourcing companies like ROI Call Center Solutions. We provide both onshore and offshore call center solutions, ranging from omnichannel customer support to billing and lead generation services. Check out our website to learn more about what we can do for you or contact us for inquiries.

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