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What is an Answering Service?

Whether your company is experiencing growth or you want to handle customer care better, an answering service is a great option for taking your organization to the next level. An answering service can improve customer experience and increase profits for your company. If you’d like to grow your company, here’s what you need to know about what an answering service could do for you.


What is an answering service?

An answering service is an automated phone response that your customers get when they first call your company. The answering service is automated, meaning that you save money because you don’t need extra office space, equipment, or employee training. You can customize the automated service response to best fit your company and create a better customer experience.  


How does an answering service work?

An answering service implements software that plays a certain recording to customers when they call your company. Answering services have many different options–you can have the recording play as soon as the customer calls, or have it play after the phone has rung a certain number of times. You can have your answering service ask the customer to dial a number to reach a specific person or department, or the recording can simply let the customer know that you will be connecting them to a live representative momentarily.

After that message, your customers can be connected to ROI Solution’s call agents, who offer even more services. Answering services can also offer programs such as customer service ratings, event registration, and more. Depending on your organization’s needs, you can create the perfect answering service that keeps your company organized and your customers happy.


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How can an answering service help my customers?

An auto-answering system is beneficial for your customers. Your customers are better able to meet their needs, especially if they are calling after business hours, if they know the department they want to reach, or if they’re not sure who to talk to about their concerns. Having a voice letting customers know what to expect is reassuring and leads to better customer satisfaction.


How can an answering service help my business?

Your business can benefit greatly from an answering system. You’ll be able to offer services to customers, even when your call volume is high or it’s after hours. Customers can be directed to exactly the right department, which is more efficient for your organization. An answering system, because it’s a one-time cost, can also be more cost-efficient than hiring more live representatives or more receptionists, especially because the answering system runs reliably 24/7 and requires no training or hiring costs.


What kind of answering service is right for my business?

If you have a small company, about 10 employees or less, ROI Solutions offers automated services to better serve customers who call after hours or when you’re experiencing high call volume. Data tracking and analytics are especially useful for small businesses so you can see what’s working and what isn’t for your company and help determine qualified leads. ROI Solutions also has inbound customer acquisition solutions, which help you formulate communication strategies to gather and retain customers based on your answering service’s interaction with customers.

If you have a medium-sized company, you’re probably focused on growth. ROI Solutions has 24-hour availability call services that can take calls using your company’s unique name and branding, so we’re essentially an extension of your office. As your company continues growing, call answering services, such as order taking, appointment setting, and help desk, are scalable and flexible with your company’s growth.

If you are part of a large company, there are sophisticated answering services that are available to help parse exactly what your customers are saying. As your organization gets more complex, ROI answering services can include functions such as e-mail ticketing systems for customer concerns. Answering services can even extend to your social media and answer basic questions about your company. Daily and weekly reporting services can show you the success of your answering service.


How do I learn more about how an answering service would improve my business?

Put more effort into improving your business while ROI Solutions takes care of introducing your customers and directing them to the proper place. To learn more about how an answering service can benefit your business, contact ROI Solutions here. You can also get a free consultation to see exactly which services would fit best with your business and how much it would cost.

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