First Look at 2024: A Roundup of the CX Trends and Tools You Need to Succeed

Get prepared for 2024 with our best tips and tools for a winning CX strategy

2024 is upon us, and with it, a whole new world of CX trends and expectations.

Between the rise of AI, increasingly on-demand services and platforms, a uncertain and shifting marketplace, customer experience can feel more demanding than ever. But with a solid strategy in place, you can go into 2024 with confidence that you’re delivering exceptional experiences for your customers.

To help you get from here to there, we’ve rounded up all the customer trends for 2024 you need to know—with the latest research—and developed a toolkit of resources you can have on hand for whatever the new year throws your way. Whatever your customer goals are, these guides and techniques will give you a leg up to execute a strategy that delivers results.

What to Know About 2024’s Emerging CX Trends

If one thing is clear as new trends emerge for CX and customer support in 2024, it’s that customer expectations are rising—and the ability to meet customer needs and expectations is both harder and more important than ever.

As a result, understanding the trends is just the first step. Brands also need to be empowered to make actionable progress to implement CX trends into their strategies—and that’s where our team is here to support you. From implementing AI into your workflow, developing more personalized customer experiences, strengthening data and analytics and more, we’ll walk you through the top trends emerging for 2024 and show you how.

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Human-powered approach to AI takes the lead

As AI tools grow and become more ubiquitous across industries and departments, many customer service teams want to lean into AI. And there’s good reason to—there’s a lot that AI can do! But the latest research shows that there’s good reason to keep human interaction at the forefront.


of customers prefer human-based service channels over digital or AI interactions

Far from being a replacement of human agents, chatbots still aren’t the magic bullet many call centers hoped for in terms of customer service and the customer journey. Instead, chatbots work best alongside human agents, and many customers still prefer to chat directly with a human agent the first time. AI can empower agents to work more efficiently and serve customer better.

The rise of AI is undoubtably a growing trend for 2024. But if you want to get ahead of the curve, it’s not enough to just implement AI into your workflows—you need to find the best ways to integrate AI tools to support and empower your human agents.


For the latest insights and tips for integrating AI effectively while prioritizing effective human-powered support, read our guide on the role of AI in the modern call center.

Customer experiences matter more than ever

There’s no doubt that customer expectations are higher than ever—and still rising as we head into 2024. Customers increasingly expect more personalized, convenient, seamless experiences that deliver consistent support and service to them whenever and wherever they need it. Optimizing your customer journeys in the new year is a must, especially for brands who haven’t yet given 100% to their customer experience.

in companies that focus on CX

say “customer service support” quality drives their purchasing decisions

in customer-centric brands compared to those who don’t focus on CX

As customer habits and patterns change, so too do their expectations. In today’s world of digital solutions and near-endless options, the best bank or financial institution isn’t the one nearest you: it’s the one that knows you best.

Customers are coming to expect a hyper-personalized, seamless experience that is tailored to them from start to finish. Personalization matters to your bottom line too.

Business leaders expect rising customer demands in industries like Retail and E-commerce. However, today’s research shows that those rising expectations are crossing all industries, including ones like FinTech, Banking, Healthcare and Insurance. In 2024 and beyond, the companies who focus on delivering customer-centric, exceptional customer experiences will be the ones who see increased revenue, retention and profits.


Get our team’s best techniques to improve CX and the digital experience across hard-to-navigate industries with our Healthcare CX guide and FinTech & Banking CX guide.

Customer loyalty isn’t dead, but it’s getting harder

As customer expectations get higher and harder to meet, customer loyalty also becomes more difficult to secure. To add to that, an increasingly saturated marketplace means customers have more choices than ever, no matter your industry. One trend we’re seeing ahead of 2024: it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture audience loyalty—but brands who do stand leagues above competitors in terms of retention, profit and more.


of Gen-Z consumers are “brand loyalists,” compared to 56% of Boomers

Loyalty programs work – and customers who join loyalty programs shop and purchase more, which is all the more reason to strengthen your loyalty program ahead of economic downturns.

But loyalty programs often become too complex for customers, or companies don’t track the correct data to make the program valuable. The key to a loyalty program that drives results is in-depth data, streamlined customer experience, and personalized customer support.

Brands who want to stablize their business for economic downturns and an uncertain market need to think about customer loyalty—and how to build it for younger generations.


With 40+ years of experience in CX and customer loyalty, our Customer Loyalty guide is packed with key insights and actionable techniques to improve your loyalty and retention in 2024 and beyond.

Personalization isn’t a perk—it’s a prerequisite

For modern consumers, personalization is an expectation, and one that influences purchasing decisions and loyalty. The younger the customer, the more personalization is typically expected—which means that brands hoping to target Gen Z audiences need to up their personalization game in 2024.


of online shoppers are more likely to continue shopping when a website offers personalized shopping experiences

As customers increasingly expect personalization—and reward companies who offer it—clienteling is an essential strategy to offer relational, personalized experiences to customers at scale.

So how do you create a clienteling strategy that is successful in 2023 and beyond? It comes down to four key elements: understanding your customer, building relationships, personalizing their experiences, and collaborating to maintain engagement.

A standout clienteling strategy has always been a must for luxury and high-end brands, but for today’s consumer, high-touch, personalized experiences are an expectation across retail, e-commerce, hospitality, and more. If you need support increasing your personalization and strengthening customer relationships, our clienteling support is your 2024 secret weapon.


Not sure where to start? Our guide to building a successful clienteling strategy is your first step. If you need more support building and implementing your personalization strategy, our team is only a phone call away.

Outsourcing is a leading way to meet—and exceed—rising customer expectations

Outsourcing has long been a popular strategy for businesses who wanted to scale up their teams affordably. But as customer expectations grow, most businesses who want to scale their support for 2024 and beyond will need to turn to outsourcing to support in-house teams.

Whether it’s customer service and support, data entry and management, analytics and customer research or some other business process, BPO and CX outsourcing is a growing industry and trend to meet customer expectations.


of consumers now expect immediate service when they have a question or concern

Partnering with an outsourced call center comes with a myriad of benefits.

Not only do you benefit from the experience, expertise, leadership and resources of an experienced call center, but you also have access to a flexible and scalable workforce that ensures you can support your customers with the service they need, no matter how much your call volume fluctuates.

Consider that almost three-quarters of consumers today expect immediate service when they encounter a problem or have a concern. Can your team meet those expectations—even during busy seasons? 24/7?

Most in-house teams can’t—which is why outsourcing continues to grow as a viable way to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Get up-to-date on call center outsourcing basics for 2024, and find the right call center for you with our comprehensive guide to call center outsourcing.

Customer data strategies and analytics are growing

In 2024, if you don’t have a strong customer data and analytics strategy, you’re missing out—not just on the chance to get to know your customers better, but also on the opportunity to distinguish your brand as a leader in your industry. While many brands recognize that customer data strategies are important, only 37% of CX leaders believe they have a “well-developed enterprise data architecture” that supports personalized and data-driven CX strategies.

The result? Brands who do develop that architecture and strategy have an opportunity to deliver personalized CX experiences that wow and retain customers.


of CX leaders are working to expand their customer data strategies in 2024 and beyond

Customer analytics is the collection and analysis of customer information, data, actions and interests aggregated from across all of your company’s channels, customer interactions and touchpoints, and datasets. These data points are then used to understand, attract and retain the most valuable customers for your business.

So how do you know what customer analytics are most important to your business? And how are you going to manage the collection, analysis and implementation of those analytics? While many companies manage customer data analytics in-house, this is also an opportunity for an outsourced team to lend support to your CX strategy and provide stronger analytics for your team.

Regardless of whether you manage analytics in-house or with a partner, if you haven’t yet implemented a robust customer analytics strategy, 2024 is your year to do so.


Get started with our guide to customer analytics: breaking down the most important types of customer analytics to know, how to collect and analyze them, and how you can use your analytics to fuel growth.

Get ready for 2024 with a strong CX strategy

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