The Complete Guide to Finding the Right Call Center Partner

What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is a facet of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) that involves strategically employing a third-party team to manage your customer service, customer experience (CX) and/or other call center responsibilities. Not only do call center providers offer the opportunity to scale your customer service, but they can also support improved customer satisfaction, sales, and business growth.

But finding the right call center partner who can offer you the results you’re looking for can be a daunting process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about call center outsourcing, from services offered to channels, solutions, locations, certifications and more.

Call Center Outsourcing Services

No two call centers are exactly alike—and no two businesses need the same call center services. But you can’t know what services you really need until you know what’s on the table.

While not every call center provider will offer these call center services, these are some of the most common options you’ll see—all options we provide here at ROI CX Solutions. With these services, you can ensure your call center provider meets your needs and becomes a profitable, results-driven arm of your business, rather than just being a line item on each month’s expense report.


An answering service can provide needed, consistent support for small businesses who don’t have complex customer service. Answering services can allow you to offer 24/7 service, as well as experienced agents who can provide more affordable, consistent service when an in-house team isn’t available.


Is your team able to meet your call volume needs? Does every customer who calls get a consistent, quality experience? Providing exceptional customer support can be difficult in-house, but an outsourced team can provide the CX you need to make a lasting impression.

When customers run into a technical issue, you want to be able to provide support that resolves their issues without bogging down internal teams. External help desk support gets your customers the help they need while freeing up internal teams to focus on high-value tasks.


Ramp up sales with an order taking team that can provide personalized customer service when customers have more complex questions about an order. When online order forms aren’t enough, provide your customers with the support they need to take their sale across the finish line.


Technical expertise can be difficult to hire and train for. An outsourced team of technical support agents can walk your customers through their toughest technical questions.

Generating high-quality leads can be a major resource drain on internal sales teams. With a lead generation team, we can provide your sales teams pre-vetted leads that give your sales teams a leg up on the sales process.


While it’s gotten a bad reputation in recent years, our team isn’t just making cold pitches for you. Instead, our telemarketing teams will guide your customers through the entire customer journey, from outbound marketing and lead generation to appointment scheduling, surveys and market analysis.


Understanding your audience is crucial in today’s complex marketplace, but audience research can be time-consuming. Outsourcing surveys to your current customers as well as a wider audience can provide you valuable business insight and greatly improve long-term retention and profits.

With strong up-selling and cross-selling techniques, you can ensure you make the most of every customer interaction—for both you and your customers. With our customer service teams, you can average an additional 40% additional gross sales per call through effective cross-selling and up-selling.


Being able to contact customer support in their own language is a must for many modern customers. An outsourced team gives you access to more multilingual agents, allowing you to scale up your service for a global audience.


Multichannel and omnichannel support allows you to reach customers wherever they are, creating seamless experiences with your brand. Whether it’s a phone call, email, text message, in-store interaction or some other channel, omnichannel solutions allow customers to connect effortlessly. u valuable business insight and greatly improve long-term retention and profits.

Call center services require some investment, but that doesn’t mean they have to be costly. Effective sales programs from your outsourcing team can turn your call center into a profitable revenue-generator for your company.


No business can survive without both customer acquisition and retention. Our teams provide powerful and effective customer acquisition strategies that get the customers you need, and help you retain them. Less turnover, more results.


When you can’t be online 24/7, a customer outsourcing team can help. 24/7 support signals to your customers that you’re there for them no matter what—and an outsourced team can manage the continuous service sustainably.

Many businesses today run on a subscription basis—our teams are here to ensure your customers have the service they need to continue their subscriptions and stay loyal to your business.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center

Partnering with an outsourced call center comes with a myriad of benefits. Not only do you benefit from the experience, expertise, leadership and resources of an experienced call center, but you also have access to a flexible and scalable workforce that ensures you can support your customers with the service they need, no matter how much your call volume fluctuates. Some of the other major benefits of outsourcing your call center include:

Superior customer service for a competitive advantage

77% of brands now see themselves competing mainly on the basis on CX, so providing exceptional service is a major advantage that can differentiate you from your competitors.

Increased CSAT and loyalty

Better service means more satisfied customers, and more satisfied customers means increased sales, loyalty and retention. Outsourcing is much more effective at providing the levels of service necessary to make measurable impact on your CSAT metrics.

Cost savings meets quality

Running a high-quality call center in-house is costly—no way around that. Outsourcing allows you the flexibility to scale up your team while still providing high-quality service—and typically at a fraction of the price.

Access to best-in-class technology and processes

Outsourcing teams often have access to higher-quality technology, software and processes than would be affordable or possible in-house. When you outsource, you get access to these for a fraction of the cost.

Increased scalability and support

24/7 support? No problem when you’re outsourcing to a remote team. The ability to scale up or down for busier seasons? Also a snap with a large outsourcing center. The level of flexibility achieved with outsourcing is almost impossible to manage otherwise.

See how ROI CX Solutions Improved CSAT by 15% in just one year

This leading restaurant chain had over 2,000 locations throughout North America, and needed a cost-effective solution that could scale to meet the rising demand from their growing customer base. In just one year after partnering with ROI CX Solutions, our partner’s CSAT ratings grew by 15% all while handling 48% more tickets as a team.

Transformed CX improves revenue and patient outcomes for healthcare system

We partnered with a premier healthcare system that was struggling to scale their team and manage an overwhelming call volume. Their staggering volume led to missed opportunities and poor service, creating a negative customer experience and a loss in revenue. After partnering with ROI CX Solutions, we were able to implement a variety of techniques and strategies to:


improve speed of answer by 99.7%


reduce the no-show rate by 75%

$12 M

increase revenue by over $12 million annually

Dramatically improve the customer experience

Call Center Channels and Solutions

By implementing a multichannel or omnichannel approach to your customer service operations, you can improve customer satisfaction, reduce service times, and more. Channels to consider for today’s consumers include:

Web Chat
Social Media
Voice call
Video call
Why an Omnichannel Approach Matters

A multichannel approach is a must in today’s world, where consumers expect to be able to contact you on a variety of channels—not just phone or email. However, an omnichannel approach takes it a step further and delivers a streamlined and seamless experience for consumers no matter where they contact you.

With omnichannel support and technology, your customers feel known and taken care of across every touchpoint, with agents who have access to their complete history, preferences, interactions and data for every conversation.

See Omnichannel in Action

ROI CX Solutions partnered with a Fashion client to provide multichannel support and omnichannel solutions. Doing so not only enabled us to handle surges in customer contact volume, but also:

  • reduced customer response time, with 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds and all emails answered with 30 minutes
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • expanded coverage and support to new channels to allow for lower cost-of-service and increased efficiency
Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

In general, there are two main types of call center solutions: inbound call centers or outbound call centers.

Inbound call centers

Inbound call centers handle calls coming in from customers or potential customers who have questions, concerns, want to place an order, or need other assistance.

Outbound call centers

Outbound call centers focus on outgoing calls, typically for marketing or sales purposes to drive growth, audience research, product adoption or other telemarketing or follow-up tasks.

Many call centers today offer both inbound and outbound services, so you can get the services you need all within a single team.

How to Decide on the Right Call Center Locations

When it comes to finding the right call center, location is a huge—and often overlooked—variable. In general, you’ll find three main call center locations: onshore, offshore or nearshore.


Onshore call centers are located in the same country as your place of business. Also called domestic call centers, these tend to require a larger financial investment, but also often offer the highest quality of services and security.


Offshore call centers are located in a country far from your place of business, most commonly India or the Philippines. Offshoring typically offers the most affordable services, as well as exceptional scalability for larger call center operations.


Nearshore call centers are located internationally, but in a country geographically near your place of business. For US-based businesses, this is most commonly Mexico. Nearshore call centers offer a balance of both quality and affordability, as well as increased cultural and linguistic fluency due to proximity.

How to Decide Between Locations

There’s no one “right” location to ensure call center success. Instead, you should consider the major factors of each and the most important qualities you’ll need from a call center to achieve your goals.

Outsourcing Locations: How to Choose
Typically the most expensive of the outsourcing options Typically the most affordable outsourcing option More affordable than onshoring, but more expensive than offshoring
High levels of cultural and linguistic fluency Lower levels of cultural and linguistic fluency can create miscommunications and linguistic barriers Typically high levels of cultural and linguistic fluency
High levels of security and privacy for sensitive industries Security and privacy can be an issue, especially for highly-regulated industries Keeping data closer to home generally improves security and privacy
May offer limited scalability and flexibility Easy to scale and manage large operations or offer 24/7 service Typically easy to scale and or offer 24/7 service
Greater proximity improves control, quality and collaboration Lack of proximity can lead to a loss of control or make collaboration difficult Greater proximity improves control, quality and collaboration
Can be difficult to find multilingual agents Agents are often multilingual, but may not be in languages relevant to your audience Agents are often multilingual in languages useful for your audience, such as Spanish or French
Generally offers the highest quality of agents and services May offer lower levels of service or quality Typically offers high quality agents and services
Popular Outsourcing Locations

Regardless of where you eventually decide to outsource your call center, knowing a few key outsourcing locations can help you decide where you should consider outsourcing to.


Mexico is a key outsourcing location for US-based businesses. Not only does it offer closer proximity to the US, but many Mexican agents are familiar with US language and culture, reducing miscommunications and increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, Mexico offers a large workforce and affordable labor costs, while also providing high quality services and infrastructure.


The Philippines are one of the most popular and long-standing call center locations, in large part due to the affordable labor costs and large labor market, both of which allow for ample scalability and affordability for large call center operations.


Tunisia is an up-and-coming call center location that strikes a good balance between nearshoring and offshoring. With more affordable labor costs than nearshoring, but a higher level of proximity and cultural familiarity than offshoring, Tunisia offers a good balance between cost and quality.

Call Center KPIs

In measuring the success of your call center, it’s critical to track KPIs that can give you qualitative measurements of your improvement and success. Tracking KPIs allow you to see what you’re doing well, where you’re falling short, and how you can improve. A good outsourcing team will have a process in place for tracking KPIs and making measurable improvements based on results. When you’re looking for the right call center to work with, ask them about what KPIs they track and how they’ve improved them for other clients in the past. Some of the most important KPIs to know and track include:

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT is a measure of how satisfied the customer is after a given interaction with your brand or customer service team. A good outsourcing team will be able to improve your CSAT score to develop stronger brand affinity and loyalty.

First Contact Resolution (FCR)

FCR measures how frequently—or what percentage of times—a customer’s question or issue is resolved the first time they contact your call center. Look for a contact center with a proven record of improving FCR, as it’s a critical metric for CSAT.

Average Speed of Answer (ASA)

Ideally, your call center should be able to answer 80% of calls in 20 seconds or less. Long hold and wait times are a major predictor of customer dissatisfaction, so managing your ASA is crucial.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

AHT tracks the length of the call, from when an agent answers to the close of the call. Reducing handle times means you can help more customers with fewer agents, or help more customers more quickly, both of which can improve efficiency and CSAT.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Another common measure of customer satisfaction, NPS measures how likely your customers are to recommend your business or brand to others. Good customer service can make measurable improvements to NPS.

Quality Assurance (QA)

While not a KPI exactly, having a set standard for QA and measuring it regularly allows you to ensure a high, consistent standard of quality for your call center. Your call center provider should have processes for tracking, improving and maintaining quality.

Average Abandonment Rate

This KPI measures the percentage of calls that are abandoned by the callers before they reach an agent. High abandonment rates usually indicate poor service, longer-than-average handle times or inadequate staffing, all of which lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Agent Turnover Rate

This measures the percentage of call center agents who leave their jobs (for any reason) during a specific timeframe. While not directly related to your customers, call centers with high agent turnover rates typically have lower customer service quality due to decreased productivity, lack of job satisfaction among agents and lower levels of experience.

Average Call Transfer Rate

This measures the frequency with which calls are transferred from one agent to another. Customers in general hate being transferred, and a good outsourced call center will have strategies to minimize transfers and increase FCR.

Average After-Call Work Time

This measures the amount of time agents spend on post-call tasks such as documentation, follow-up and so on. Reducing the amount of after-call work time will improve efficiency and productivity, and ensure service quality levels stay high.

Want to learn more about common call center terms and KPIs?

Our call center glossary will give you all the details you need.

Call Center Certifications

It goes without saying that you need to be able to trust your call center—but how do you vet that adequately upfront?

Looking for the right call center certifications is a key way to ensure that your call center provider has the experience and security you need to keep your customer data safe. As data breaches become more common and costly, a secure call center is crucial to maintaining your brand reputation and your customers’ trust. Look for the following call center certifications:


Any call center or BPO provider who manages, tracks, accepts or has access to customer payment details needs to be PCI-compliant. A PCI-compliant call center will have increased network security, advanced security software, and well-trained employees, as well as will be able to manage and upkeep best security practices.


SOC-2 compliance deals with security standards around sensitive customer data, ensuring security, confidentiality, privacy and safety of your customer data and information. SOC-2 compliance will not only help prevent breaches and other reputation-busting events, but will also help you avoid fines for non-compliance.


For healthcare organizations, or any company that collects or manages personal and private health data from consumers, your call center must be HIPAA compliant. This is true even if the call center is simply storing health data.

How to Make Outsourcing Work For You

Partnering with the right outsourcing provider can make your call center partnership a profitable one. We’ve given you the basics above of what to look for, where to look and what services you can expect to find—but actually executing can be easier said than done. When you need a partner you can trust, turn to ROI CX Solutions.

Our Unique Outsourcing Approach

When it comes to your customer service, we’re not satisfied until your customers are. And satisfied customers don’t happen by accident. Instead, our unique, step-by-step approach to integration, process analysis, and execution will enable you to get the results you need. With over 40 years of experience in customer service and CX, we’re know what customers want—and how to deliver.

When you work with ROI CX Solutions, here’s what you can expect:

Strategic Leadership

Our leadership has decades of expereince, so you get strong strategy and oversight that delivers results.

Talent and training

We take care to hire the best agents possible, and give them our comprehensive, world-class training to ensure they’re delivering high-quality service.

Best-in-class technology

Our high-tech solutions ensure you get the most efficient support for seamless customer experiences.

Reporting and analytics

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Our QA programs and carefully tracked KPIs ensure our strategy is delivering the results you want to see.

Flexible solutions

No out-of-the-box packages here. We work with each client to find the right services and solutions for your needs.

Who We Work With

Our clients and experience span nearly every industry, with unique solutions tailored to each brand and company. See more about our experience in:

Transform your customer experiences

Our team at ROI CX Solutions isn’t just a call center. We’re here to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers that will cement your brand reputation and loyalty. We use human-centric, data-driven solutions to increase customer satisfaction, strengthen loyalty and retention, improve service metrics, grow sales and revenue and much more.

Our solutions have resulted in:

increase in speed of answer

inbound lead conversion rate

in new annual revenue

increase in CSAT in just one year

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