Customer experiences with flavor: How CX is paying off for the restaurant and hospitality industry

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Customer experience is the leading strategy for food and hospitality in today’s guest-first environment

In 2023 and beyond, customer experience is creating a new competitive edge for leaders in food & hospitality, from fast food to fine dining, boutique hotels to luxury chains. No matter where your brand falls, customer experience can still be a major differentiator between you and competitors. Take a look at some recent data:

  • 60% of guests say positive experiences will cause them to dine at a certain restaurant more frequently.
  • 59% of customers care more about customer experiences than they did before the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • 74% of customers say that positive experiences influence purchasing decisions regarding hotels and restaurants.

At ROI CX Solutions, we’ve explored the leading trends in customer experience and are helping lead the way for brands that are ready to differentiate. Use this guide to explore the latest trends in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

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