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Is domestic outsourcing worth it compared to hiring in-house? For companies who want to have increased scalability with the highest level of outsourcing skill, expertise and quality available, onshore outsourcing is a perfect solution. Our US call center teams at ROI CX Solutions can bring you exceptional service with the highest security and compliance, while still offering cost-effective resources compared to in-house teams.

Why Work with ROI CX Solutions in the US?

Many companies question, “If you’re going to outsource to the US, then why not just have an in-house team?” The reality is that onshore outsourcing offers a host of benefits compared to both in-house teams and offshore outsourcing. At ROI CX Solutions, our domestic call centers provide world-class customer service alongside exceptional client experiences. Some of the biggest benefits of outsourcing domestically include:

Increased security and compliance

For companies in industries that require strict compliance or increased security—for instance, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance or others—outsourcing to a US-based call center offers increased security and compliance. Not only do you get to keep all your company and customer data onshore, you don’t have to worry about cross-border compliance or international regulations. In addition, onshore teams usually offer increased security measures and protocols to keep your data safe.

High levels of quality and expertise

While offshore outsourcing is typically cheaper in terms of labor costs, the old adage “you get what you pay for” often rings true. Onshore outsourcing typically offers higher levels of quality and expertise compared to offshoring or nearshoring, especially for complex fields like sales and medical, and you can find more specialized expertise as well.

Stronger cultural and linguistic connection

When outsourcing to offshore or nearshore locations, cultural or linguistic miscommunications can be a common problem. As a result, customers often feel disconnected or uncared for by your business, which can lead to reduced loyalty, retention and sales. Keeping your entire team domestic—including any outsourced roles—allows you to provide your customers with top-notch communication and understanding in every interaction.

Increased alignment and efficiency

Working with a US-based team allows for more alignment and consistency. With similar time zones, accessible call center locations, and cultural and linguistic familiarity, it is much easier to align on projects, problem-solve, communicate effectively and collaborate. As a result, projects get moved forward faster and more efficiently, creating better, more cost-effective results for your company.

About ROI CX Solutions’ Onshore Outsourcing

Our onshore call centers are designed for maximum efficiency, collaboration and customer experiences. Whether you’re a luxury brand that wants to provide the highest level of service possible to your clients, or a company in a sensitive industry, like Healthcare, that needs to provide the utmost security and sensitivity to your clients, our onshore call centers can support your needs.

We have onshore call centers located in a variety of states across the US, including Utah, Texas, Montana, Ohio and more. Our diverse geographic locations across the US makes it easy to find a call center within your time zone and in a location that’s easy for you to travel to—making collaboration and communication a breeze.

In addition, all of our US locations offer different benefits. For example, our Utah location has a highly educated workforce, being close to a number of universities. It’s also near the University of Utah, which has one of the best medical schools in the country. This allows us to easily hire highly-trained medical staff including CAN’s, RN’s, and Physicians Assistants. Our Texas and Florida locations are our largest locations, great for teams who need increased scalability, lower costs and bilingual skills to support your audience.

Overall, our call centers in the US offer significant benefits to improve customer service and CX for clients. Increased cultural and linguistic familiarity allow you to offer exceptional customer service, clienteling, tech support, outbound marketing and more for your audience. And our highly-skilled agents and diverse expertise allows us to offer a variety of services for our clients, supporting every part of your call center, customer experience or BPO needs.

USA Call Center Services

Our USA call centers offer a wide range of services to suit your business needs. For example, we offer:

Inbound Call Centers

Scale up your customer service or support call volume that fluctuates seasonally with a call center that provides top-notch service, every time.

Outbound Call Centers

Take your telemarketing, customer research, consumer surveys or other outbound communication to the next level with our outbound support.

Multichannel / Omnichannel Support

Customers want to be able to contact you on a variety of channels. Give them flexibility—and a seamless experience at every step.

Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Grow your business with outbound calling such as telemarketing calls, high-quality leads pre-vetted for your sales team and more!


Is there another aspect of your business or workflows that needs optimization? Our BPO teams can audit, improve, and optimize business processes for increased productivity and results.

Technical Support

Is there another aspect of your business or workflows that needs optimization? Our BPO teams can audit, improve, and optimize business processes for increased productivity and results.

Industries we serve

Is domestic outsourcing right for your business? Our USA call centers serve a wide variety of industries, including:

Finance and Banking
Retail & Ecommerce
Hospitality & Food

How To Choose The Right Domestic Call Center

Choosing a domestic call center isn’t easy! Many companies make the mistake of assuming that if a call center is based in the US, it’s high-quality—but that isn’t always the case. As with any outsourcing location, US call centers should be carefully vetted. Look for:

a USA call center agent wearing a headset in front of a computer
Flexibility and scalability

Great call centers—regardless of location—need to offer both short-term flexibility and long-term scalability. Call centers in the US should be able to provide you with the flexibility and team size to scale up or down as needed due to seasonality, demand, or other changes.

Technology and infrastructure

Best-in-class technology and modern infrastructure ensure your call center stays up and running. Although the US generally has excellent infrastructure, modern call centers should also offer your team world-class technology and software that can keep your call center running smoothly.

Proven results

Any call center worth working with should have examples of their results for other clients. These may take the form of case studies, client reviews, testimonials or a portfolio. The key is having clear proof and assurance that your potential call center partner can achieve the goals and outcomes you’re looking for.

Experience and expertise

Experience and expertise within customer service and CX is a must, but ideally, call center providers should also have experience within your industry and target audience. Asking for a roster of past clients or looking through case studies from your potential providers is a good way to gauge a call center’s experience with your industry.


Ultimately, great communication is simply a must for call centers. Watch out for what the communication is like during your scoping and vetting process—call centers that have great communication processes from the beginning will often continue to provide great communication, while those that are difficult to communicate with likely won’t improve.

a USA call center agent

How do US Call Centers Compare?

Market Size Large labor market makes scaling and flexible solutions easy A large and highly skilled labor market makes it easy to find the expertise you need Smaller labor market due to geographic size can limit scalability and flexibility Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly, but with some quality issues Large labor market makes scaling easy and cost-effective Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly
Infrastructure and technology Strong infrastructure and technology caters to a US market Infrastructure and technology will adhere to US norms and regulations Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other nearshoring locations Infrastructure is often less sophisticated or consistent compared to other outsourcing locations Cultural focus on technology and innovation supports infrastructure and modern tech Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other locations
Cultural or Linguistic Compatibility Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist High cultural and linguistic compatibility and understanding due to shared culture and background Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural and linguistic barriers are common issues, especially in customer-facing roles Proximity to Europe heightens familiarity with Western cultures and languages Cultural compatibility with Western countries make connecting with customers easier
Taxes and Business Tax incentives and exchanges rates in Mexico are favorable for US businesses US-based outsourcing offers familiar tax and legal systems, without the need for additional business paperwork or taxation requirements As a US territory, taxes and legal systems don’t offer any unique benefits, and have additional complications since Puerto Rico is not an official state. No specific tax benefits or legal incentives No specific tax benefits or legal incentives, though proximity to Europe increases familiarity with Western business models No specific tax benefits or legal incentives
Multilingual Availability Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Multilingual or bilingual agents are not as common, but will be fluent in languages that matter to your audiences Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages Multilingual agents often speak French and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages
Proximity Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Nearby call centers make accessibility and collaboration easy Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Geographic distance creates barriers to accessibility and collaboration Proximity to Europe makes call centers more accessible for clients Geographic distance can create less control and collaboration available
Cost & Quality Very cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality Typically offers the highest service quality available, with lower costs than working in-house. Cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality Very affordable services, but often with a lower service quality Very affordable services with a high service quality Very affordable services, but often with some language or communication barriers
A call center agent in the USA

See results from our USA Call Centers

Want to see how ROI CX Solutions can provide results for your business?

Consider some of our client stories or connect with an expert today to see how outsourcing domestically in one of our US call centers can help you scale your team while increasing your service quality and expertise.


USA Call Center FAQs

Where is the best place in the US to outsource?

There is no shortage of good cities in the US to outsource to, it just depends on what you’re looking for. Many companies prefer to outsource to a domestic location near their headquarters, to increase accessibility and collaboration efforts. At ROI CX Solutions, we have US call centers located in Utah, Texas, Ohio, Florida and more.

What is the biggest advantage of outsourcing to the US?

Outsourcing domestically, within the US, offers high quality services and high levels of expertise, while still allowing you scalability, flexibility and cost-effective labor. Outsourcing is more cost-effective and less resource-intensive than working in-house, but keeping your labor onshore avoids many cultural, linguistic, legal, tax-related and compliance concerns that offshoring can present.

Are call centers in the US better than offshore locations?

While offshore locations often have cheaper labor, that labor quality may not be as strong or as skilled as what you’ll find in the US. As a result, companies who are looking for the highest quality customer service or BPO consulting may want to prioritize onshore locations. In addition, onshore call centers provide more accessibility, higher levels of collaboration and control, better compliance and security (in most cases), and stronger communication.

Is outsourcing in the US expensive?

While labor costs of outsourcing a call center in the US is often more expensive than outsourcing to offshore locations like the Philippines or India, outsourcing is a much more cost-effective option than building your own team in-house. Not only does in-house come with more overhead, it also requires increased resources for HR, hiring, management, training and so on. Additionally, outsourcing is a much more scalable and flexible option, which allows you to pay for exactly what you need—and nothing that you don’t.