Call Center Solutions and Services Overview

If you are in need of an international call center that provides the professional service you need when it comes to call center solutions, let our team at ROI CX Solutions help you out. When you use our offshore call center solutions outsources, we give you the ability to add value to your primary business objectives by:

Inbound Call Center Solutions

Our inbound services are designed to handle high call volumes, ensuring your customers can speak to someone without long wait times or being put on hold. Agents at ROI are trained to take all types of calls: customer service, inquiries, technical support, telemarketing, and other functionalities customized to your organization’s needs.

When you work with us, you get dependable, cost-effective inbound call center solutions. Our rigorous training and cutting-edge techniques give agents the resources they need to provide excellent service to your customers. We handle your inbound calls so you can concentrate on other areas of your business.

  • Improving brand image Our team will work to improve brand image through consistent and accurate handling of all your customer contacts
  • Providing better access We’ll make sure to always supply you with accurate, up-to-date information when it comes to your customers, allowing you to drive home timely customer service resolutions if any issues ever arise
  • Capturing customer service information We’ll gather and track all of your customer service information, allowing for better analysis processes and greater conversion into market opportunities
  • Providing a flexible and scalable operating environment. Our team will make sure your operating environment is flexible enough to accommodate any dynamic shifts in volume whether it pertains to workload or staffing requirements.

Highlighted Inbound Call Center Services:

Customer Service Support/Care

Call Center Outsourcing

Our world-class call center outsourcing solutions have helped businesses of all sizes win clients by offering responsive service. Whether you need outbound or inbound services to grow your business, our fully trained agents have the right skills and technical knowledge to meet your needs. They are intensively briefed on your brand values to effectively represent your company and communicate with your customers.

The benefits of outsourcing call center services go beyond having someone readily available to answer phones. They include significant cost savings, improved earnings, more customer satisfaction, and an edge over competitors. Start reaping the rewards by investing in outsourcing.

  • Leveraging a sophisticated network of contact centers. With three countries as part of our call center solutions network, you’ll receive the most cost-competitive services when it comes to both offshore and onshore locations.
  • Integrating operations platforms. ROI specializes in enabling work interflow between outsourced customer contact centers, third-party vendors, and internal centers, allowing for seamless operating platforms.
  • Supporting multiple communication channels. Regardless of your preferred method of communication, we’ve got you covered. Our system supports multiple communication channels including: telephone, web, email, fax, SMS, traditional mail, and more.
  • Implementing self-service and automation strategies. To further improve performance and reduce costs, we’ll help to implement automation and self-service strategies that will make managing your entire system easy.

Highlighted Call Center Outsourcing Services:

Billing & Payment
Lead Generation

Why Use ROI Call Center Solutions?

ROI Call Center Solutions is committed to your success. We work continuously to ensure your call center outsourcing needs are met with transparency, state-of-the-art technology, and complete scalability.

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