Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing Call Centers for Growing Companies

Is your company growing faster than you can keep up with? Or maybe you’re anticipating major growth, but not quite there yet? In either case, offshore outsourcing may be the perfect way to help your business expand—while minimizing the typical growing pains many companies face.

Particularly, offshore outsourcing call centers are a great way to optimize resources and expand services to your growing customer base. Outsourcing allows you to offer a worldwide call center at an affordable cost, so you’ll still have plenty of cash flow to keep your business growing.

What Is Offshore Outsourcing?

We can’t dive too deep into the benefits of offshore outsourcing without defining what the term really means. In general, outsourcing is when a company hires a third party to perform a certain aspect of their business, from manufacturing to customer service.

There are many types of outsourcing, including onshore (hiring a company within the country), nearshore (hiring a company in a nearby country), or offshore. Companies who have overseas call centers are utilizing offshore outsourcing—they’re hiring a company in a faraway country to carry out a segment of the business. Offshore outsourcing is generally the most affordable, while onshore outsourcing is more costly.

Each type of outsourcing comes with its own set of pros and cons, so the best type for your business depends on many factors, such as the task you want to outsource, the size of your business, your budget, and the outsourcing company you’re considering. The call center outsourcing industry can vary drastically in quality of service, so it’s crucial to compare several options and research the details of the company before agreeing to a partnership.

Benefits of Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Offshore benefits

So when is an offshore call center the best option? Here are a few of the top call center outsourcing benefits. If you prioritize these benefits, an offshore call center may be right for your company.

1. Reduced Costs

Of all the things offshore call centers are known for, perhaps the most common is their affordability. While operating a call center onsite or onshore could be extremely costly for your business, an offshore call center is usually far more cost-effective. You cut down on labor costs and much of the overhead that typically comes with running a call center.

2. Save Time & Resources

If you decide to run your own call center, you’ll need to do all of the hiring, training, and management of the team on your own. There may be frequent turnover, workflow adjustments, and changes in technology over time, especially if your company is growing at a rapid pace. But outsourcing this aspect of your business will save you valuable time and resources, allowing you to dedicate your day to the most important parts of running a thriving business.

3. Expanded Services

You may not have any plausible way of offering 24/7 customer service in-house, but an offshore call center gives you that capability at an affordable rate. Expanding services will boost your customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

4. Increased Flexibility

Does your call volume vary throughout the year? If you have slower and busier seasons, an offshore call center is an excellent way to navigate the ebb and flow. The offshore call center industry is built to handle overflow call volume, and can easily adapt when things level off. This means you won’t have the added stress of worrying about how you’ll handle a sudden burst in calls—you’ll already have the infrastructure in place to handle whatever comes your way.

Drawbacks of Offshore Outsourcing

Our guide to offshore outsourcing wouldn’t be complete without weighing all of the pros and cons of outsourcing customer service. As we mentioned before, some outsourcing companies do not offer the same high standards of service you want to provide for your customers, and it may be difficult to control quality from afar.

Likewise, the distance might cause cultural or language barriers that make it more difficult for customer service agents to communicate with your customers. Luckily, choosing a reputable, well-known offshore outsourcing company will mitigate most of these risks, so you’ll get the cost savings without a decline in quality.

Is Offshore Outsourcing Right for Your Business?

So, is offshore call center outsourcing right for your business? If you value cost efficiency and are looking for affordable ways to expand your customer service, an offshore call center can certainly help. Do your research and find a company with a great reputation, and you’ll be able to help your growing company serve more customers.

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