8 Ways Human Resource BPO Can Serve Your Small Business

When you run a small business, you’re used to doing it all. You’re great at coming up with innovative solutions on the spot. Your employees often wear many hats. And you’re accustomed to keeping all aspects of your company in-house, from packing and shipping to marketing and operations.

But if you’re running your human resources department in-house, it might be time to consider human resource BPO.

What Is HR BPO?

So what is HR BPO, and what is HRO? Are they the same thing? In short—yes, HRO is a shortened version of the acronym HR BPO, which stands for human resources business process outsourcing. When a company opts for HRO, it hires a third-party company to handle its HR roles and responsibilities.

And what are the basics of HR outsourcing? HR practices in BPO often include services like payroll, recruitment, employee paperwork and onboarding, and more. Companies can choose to have the BPO manage the entire HR department or just a few functions. Here are some of the tasks an HRO may perform:

  • Taxes
  • Legal compliance
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Resolving employee complaints and issues
  • Documentation
  • Collecting and filtering applications
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiating offers

Benefits of Human Resource BPO

Human resource BPO can be advantageous to all types of companies, but small businesses especially benefit from this type of outsourcing. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. Ensure Compliance with Laws and Regulations

For small business owners, it can be overwhelming to make sure your company is in compliance with every relevant law and regulation out there. Hiring an experienced HRO will take the burden off of you and ensure you’re always in compliance with the latest laws.

2. Manage Annual HR Needs

Some HR tasks only come up once a year. But when the time to tackle them arises, it can disrupt the flow of your typical workday and consume all of your resources. Fortunately, an HRO can take over so these annual needs don’t distract from other responsibilities.

3. Get Help Writing Your Company Values

Identifying and concisely writing your company values is harder than it appears. But this step is crucial in helping unify your team and guiding all decisions you make on a daily basis. Outsourcing this task may seem counterintuitive, but a neutral third-party can actually be a great help in translating your values onto paper.

4. Set Up an Automated Hiring System

The best way to save time, resources, and money is by automating as many processes as possible within your business. So if you haven’t already automated your hiring system, an HRO can help you do so. HROs are seasoned in developing efficient, effective methods for consolidating repetitive tasks like filling out paperwork, filing, and more.

5. Get Help Finding Efficient HR Software

If you’re a growing small business, you might not know where to turn for efficient and affordable HR software. An HRO can be an excellent source for advice on where to get it. In fact, your HR BPO will be an invaluable resource for all types of HR-related questions. You’ll wonder what you did without an expert team to help with all of the questions that come up along the way.

6. Improved Training Programs

Onboarding and training a new employee is a lot of work—but it’s crucial to keep up the momentum with regular training programs for your entire staff. If you feel like you’ve neglected this aspect of employee development, an HRO can step in to design and implement training programs that make a big difference in the way you do business.

7. Faster Response Times

Do your employees ever complain about how long it takes to get a response from someone in HR? Maybe they’re anxiously awaiting their pay stub or need to make a change on their W2. Maybe someone you interviewed is calling the office over and over waiting to get feedback. In any case, outsourcing these tasks to an HRO can help boost morale within the company by providing faster response times.

8. Ease Burden on HR Employees

HR employees cover a lot of territory, so it’s understandable when they feel overburdened. If you’re concerned about burnout among your HR team, outsourcing some aspects of your department can provide a happier, more balanced work environment for all.

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