How to Boost Customer Retention With Call Center Services

Businesses often focus on attracting new customers, which means extra spending on marketing. Studies have shown that focusing on client retention costs significantly less. Nurturing customer relationships increases their likelihood of being loyal and purchasing your products or services. You can improve customer retention with call center services.

6 Ways You Can Boost Customer Retention with Call Center Services

1. Provide Multiple Communication Channels

Giving clients many ways to contact customer service is becoming standard practice in call center retention techniques. By giving different alternatives, your company becomes more personable and accessible. Remember that not everyone prefers to interact with a live customer service professional over the phone when they want assistance.

You can have the call center handle several channels, including:

  • SNS interactions
  • SMS messaging
  • Email
  • Chatbots
  • Live chat support

Customers would be more willing to stay with the business if they know they’ll be accommodated regardless of the communication option they choose.

2. Developing Onboarding Program

A good first impression can help newer customers decide whether your brand is worth staying with or not. As such, the call center can develop an onboarding program. This is a strategy wherein the goal is to have the new customer know the value of your products or services (and brand as a whole) right from the start.

When executing the onboarding program, the call center agent can:

  • Properly welcome the customer
  • Walk them through your various offers
  • Provide additional information on your other products and services when the customer needs it
  • Inform the customer of other ways they can reach out to your business

Being more accommodating to the new customer helps them feel more welcome and comfortable making future transactions with your organization.

3. Developing Customer Follow-up Plans

Aside from executing onboarding programs, call center retention planning entails developing follow-up call programs for agents to use. In follow-up calls, the call agent inquires about the customer’s experiences with, for example, a newly acquired item or an ongoing subscription.

This lets the customer know that your business is concerned with improving to provide even better products and services.

While a follow-up call isn’t for selling new products or services to the customer, the agent can also use it to make special offers from your business⁠—should the opportunity arise.

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4. Gather Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is vital to understanding what your customers want and need from your business. As such, the call center can also implement a feedback program to gather details from your customers. The call center can then send customer feedback to you so you can work on improving your products and services.

The call center can also use feedback programs to improve their support services to help your customers better.

5. Gathering and Studying Call Analytics for Easier Customer Journeys

One of the main advantages of getting a call center to help with customer retention is that they utilize call center analytics. The customer’s experience while searching for assistance can decide whether they remain loyal to your business. A positive experience would likely boost their chances of staying, so the call center will find ways to make it so.

One is by making the customer support journey more hassle-free for them. By using metrics such as handle times and resolution rates, call centers can understand how they can better accommodate customer calls and thus boost retention rates.

Analytics shows you the most popular topics and inquiries. The call center might create a guide for typical situations to save customers time.

6. Regaining Lost Customers

A lost customer is someone who used to buy products or services from you in the past but has now lost interest. The call center can develop strategies for getting these customers back by gathering feedback and studying analytics metrics.

For instance, they possibly had a pain point with a product that wasn’t addressed in the past. However, the call agent could offer a newer item that eliminates this pain point. If a customer was once lost due to a subscription they didn’t find worth paying anymore, you could have the call center offer special sales and promos that may make the subscription more appealing—or offer a new subscription type.

Improve Your Retention Rate with ROI CX Solutions

Here at ROI CX Solutions, we understand that each of our client’s relationships with their customers is unique. Our call center solutions involve continuously gathering information about their customers and developing our custom call center retention strategies. This way, our clients can sit back and soon enjoy the benefits of a loyal customer base for their business.

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