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Savvy business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies and cut costs, which is why outsourcing has become so popular over the past few decades. Nearshore outsourcing offers many of the unique benefits of outsourcing as well as an impressive quality of service.

What Is Nearshore Outsourcing?

Nearshore outsourcing is when outsourcing is offered from a nearby location, typically within the same continent or time zone. It has become an increasingly popular alternative to offshore outsourcing. When a company outsources nearshore, they’re hiring a third party to do contracted work in a nearby country, as opposed to overseas. Nearshore outsourcing is an especially good option for call center outsourcing, since it allows for better communication and more streamlined integration. Many companies in the United States are choosing nearshore outsourcing in Latin America, where employees are familiar with American culture and speak fluent English.

Why Choose Nearshore Outsourcing?

Offshore call centers are common because they’re the most affordable option when you want to outsource any aspect of your business. So what would make a company choose nearshore outsourcing instead? Nearshore call centers are closer to your business headquarters, offering many perks that outweigh the slightly higher cost of operation. Here are 7 nearshore outsourcing benefits for you to consider.

1. Closer Proximity

Some offshore call centers might take a full day or more to fly to, making it hard to visit your team in person regularly. But nearshore call centers are close enough that you can hop on a plan any time to check in. You’ll have a better pulse on how things are going, plus be able to ensure everything is running up to your standards and make adjustments as necessary.

2. Similar Culture

Cultural barriers can be a big hurdle to overcome when you choose to outsource in faraway countries like India or China. But a nearshore call center is close enough that many of the representatives are familiar with your culture. They’ll understand the nuances of how Americans speak and want to be treated, which will have a positive impact on your customer satisfaction rates.

3. Shared Time Zones

It can be hard enough to coordinate phone calls with your team on the other side of the country, but outsourced call centers make it even more difficult to meet or schedule shifts. Employees are often working while you’re sleeping, and vice versa. Nearshore call centers are close enough that it will be much easier to coordinate during your regular business hours.

4. Easier Communication

Being closer to your call center and sharing the same time zone will enable better communication across the board. Many of your call center representatives will have learned English in grade school and have no problem engaging in meaningful conversation with your customers. You’ll also have an easier time scheduling meetings, communicating over email, and discussing reports. Improved communication will make a world of difference when it comes to the performance of your nearshore call center.

5. Stronger Infrastructure

Worried about ending up with an unreliable offshore call center? You’re not alone. When you choose to outsource nearshore, you’ll find stronger infrastructures that you can depend on. Your call center will have a strong internet connection and smooth processes that make it easy to do business in another country.

6. Affordable Cost

While onshore call centers are out of the price range of many businesses, a nearshore call center will save you money by reducing operating costs. These nearby developing countries have lower wages and can source cheaper equipment and facilities, so you’ll be able to stretch your money farther and grow your business over time.

7. Streamlined Integration

Choosing the wrong outsourced call center could lead to months of back and forth as you figure out how to integrate your internal and external teams. The new call center might have trouble getting used to how you do business, and your customer service could take a hit in the meantime. But lining up a nearshore call center will be a much smoother process, since the employees will be more familiar with American culture and close enough to visit often.

Is Nearshore Outsourcing Right for You?

Now that you’ve answered the question, “what is nearshore outsourcing?”, and have learned about the many nearshore outsourcing benefits, you’re better equipped to decide if this option is right for you. If you’re a business that wants to reduce costs and improve the quality of your call center, nearshore outsourcing may be the perfect solution. The right nearshore call center will offer engaged, capable agents you’ll be proud to have represent your business.