The ROI of Customer Experience

telemarketing-photoMore and more research shows that experiences are more valuable than things, possessions, or products. Aside from culture and products, a company will be judged and valued based on its customer experience. Customer experience describes the interactions between a company and a customer over the duration of their relationship.

Many companies flourish because of customer experience, others dwindle. Either way, the quality of your customer experience will drastically affect your bottom line. Here are some tips to help turn your customer experience into a positive ROI.

Negative to Positive

A majority of customer service opportunities begin with unsatisfied customers armed a variety of issues. These issues can range from simple product questions to financial transaction mishaps. They can occur at any point in the sales funnel. The key point in any of these customer experience interactions is the “turning point”—the moment a well-trained customer service agent turns a customer’s negative experience into a positive experience.

Turning an experience from negative to positive should be every customer service professional’s goal—not to mention a companies as a whole. In addition to correcting errors and answering questions, many companies manage their customer experience “turning points” with discounts, coupons, or additional incentives to ensure that the overall experience is a positive one.

While your company may be able to provide these type of quick fixes, it is key to have well trained customer service professionals who are capable of making critical decisions as well. “Turning” your customers is a critical business task that should only be left to professional customer service representatives. This “turning” is achieved through transparent and excellent customer service. Most customers seeking customer service are already customers—don’t lose them because of an inability to “turn.”

Leaving It to the Professionals

As you evaluate your company’s ability to “turn” customers, you will quickly find that it is a full-time commitment. Recruit help by outsourcing your call center services. Trained customer service professionals will be able to provide service that is flexible, transparent, and scalable with the success of your business. Specialization has proven to be a powerful tool in business. Allow call center professionals to provide a wide variety of services on behalf of your company.

While products and services may be a dime a dozen, customer experiences are not. Providing a consistent customer experience will set your company apart in your industry. Customers will remember being taken care of when it’s time to buy again.

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