quality assurance for call centers

At its core, a business is its customers. That’s why a business wants to do all it can to find and keep them. Unfortunately, one of the top five reasons that businesses lose customers is due to a poor customer service experience.

On the flip side, outstanding customer service can reap big rewards. Research shows that consumers are willing to spend 17% more on a company with outstanding customer service, and 93% say they are more likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. Clearly, providing customers with a good service experience is essential for success in today’s business world.

Forbes reported that in a 2017 study, more than half the respondents expected to pick up a phone and get immediate human attention when they have a problem. This puts call centers on the front line of the customer service battle for the hearts—and wallets—of consumers. Call center quality assurance is an essential weapon in that battle.

What Is Call Center Quality Assurance?

Call center quality assurance is a process that monitors agents’ work and performance to ensure that results match the desired outcome: satisfied customers. Good quality assurance (QA) involves a cycle of data collection, analysis, training, and improvement, and should be an ongoing process.

Main Benefit of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance helps a call center measure what is really happening, quantify the results, and then determine how to improve those results to provide better customer service. The most obvious benefit for businesses is higher customer satisfaction, which can translate into repeat customers, brand loyalty, and increased revenue.

Extra Benefits of Call Center QA

While call center quality assurance is primarily about making sure that the quality of service is top-notch, there are additional benefits to QA that can help take your business to the next level.

Optimized Costs

Excellent customer service often goes hand in hand with more efficient, effective agents and processes. A quality department can help optimize costs without sacrificing quality. These savings can then trickle down to lower prices or higher margins, which can give a business an edge on competitors.

Improved Work Environment

Identifying the best ways for agents to provide excellent customer service involves setting them up for success. Scripts may be revised, training improved, and regular feedback given. These are all conducive to a more favorable and satisfying work environment.

Clearer Company Values and Goals

One of the goals in an effective QA process is to provide a consistent, positive customer service experience. This very likely will require clarifying a company’s or department’s goals and values.

A Culture of Quality

With call center quality assurance front and center and a QA team hard at work, a stronger culture of quality will naturally develop. Metrics can be used to set coaching, training, and incentive goals, further cementing the cultural importance of quality.

Better Training

Quality assurance involves evaluating each agent’s performance and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. This information can help managers discover training gaps and create more effective training programs.

More Company Unity

When call center quality assurance is done right, it helps everyone get on the same page. They are all working toward the same goal of better customer service. When the whole company aligns, a sense of unity permeates throughout employees.

A Stronger Workforce

The ongoing process of quality assurance improvement impacts a center’s overall workforce over time. Consistent call monitoring, coaching, improved training, etc. will help a workforce grow stronger. In addition, it’s more likely that employees will care more about the quality of service they deliver.

Most companies can see that quality assurance is important and can help their business reach the next level, but it can be daunting to do it alone. ROI Solutions has been providing world-class quality to companies for years. Contact us today to start giving your customers the best customer experience so they’ll want to come back again and again.