Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)

Dialed number identification service (DNIS) is a service provided by telecommunications providers that enable organizations or contact centers to identify the number a caller dialed. DNIS works by transmitting dual-tone multi-frequency digits to a receiver that decodes the signals. The DNIS data can activate an interactive voice response (IVR) system for effective call routing.

DNIS is beneficial for companies with different contact numbers for their diverse fields of operation. This technology tracks which numbers your clients are calling, guiding your routing decisions accordingly. Integrating this data with your call processing can improve first-call resolution, which enhances customer satisfaction in the long run.

How Do Call Centers Use DNIS?

Dialed number identification service plays a crucial role in effective call routing. When clients reach out to your partner inbound call center, they choose from the different numbers that your business has licensed.

Through DNIS, the call center can direct inbound calls to the right department, offer assistance in the correct language, or trigger the appropriate IVR script for the situation. It ensures a seamless telephone communications process, helping your business deliver stellar customer support. Below are some use cases of DNIS in call centers.

1. Segment Areas of Service or Product Lines

Large companies may have phone numbers for each product or service. DNIS helps identify customer-relevant lines and routes inbound calls to the most suitable agent.

2. Provide Multilingual Customer Support

Multiple-location call centers may have language-specific toll-free numbers. Call centers use DNIS data to route calls to agents well-versed in the required language.

3. Customize Scripts

Through a DNIS, businesses can use a certain number for a particular market or buyer persona and create a customized script to meet the needs of that segment.

call center agent4. Offer Efficient Multi-Client Support

DNIS can assist call center agents who manage multiple accounts and product lines by helping them identify the purpose of each call, resulting in more efficient support.

5. Gauge Effectiveness of Campaigns

By assigning a campaign-specific number to partner contact centers, businesses can assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. These assigned numbers indicate campaign reach and impressions.

6. Improve Call Center Metrics

By providing accurate call routing, DNIS improves critical call center metrics, such as first call resolution rates, customer satisfaction, and agent performance.

7. Streamline Call Center Operations

DNIS aids in streamlining call center operations by making call processing more efficient. Based on DNIS data, call center servers can decide the most appropriate actions to take for an incoming call. For example, these calls can be routed to a specific agent or directed to a custom IVR menu.

What Is the Difference Between DNIS and ANI?

DNIS and ANI (automatic number identification) are built into the makeup of telephony systems, and both technologies focus on phone number identification. Their difference lies in what they identify. While DNIS identifies the contacted number, ANI identifies the number associated with the dialer.

DNIS can be useful for your business as it can improve customer service solutions. On the other hand, ANI is beneficial for simplifying the billing process for telephone carriers by helping them identify who made the call and how long it lasted.

Call centers can use ANI to gather relevant customer data to improve their experience. By leveraging ANI data with your existing customer database, you can spend less time verifying each client’s identity and focus on providing more value.

How Can DNIS Improve Call Center Metrics?

DNIS helps call centers improve their call routing process, which enhances agent performance. Callers who are profiled using DNIS data are routed to the most appropriate agents. This process eliminates the need to clarify the call’s purpose, resulting in higher first-call resolution rates.

By segmenting transaction requests, you maximize each agent’s productivity and the success rate of each call increases. This empowers agents and boosts the satisfaction of all parties involved. For your business, this may reduce the need to overinvest in technology or additional workforce to cater to customer support.

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