Basic Rate Interface

What Is a Basic Rate Interface?

Basic Rate Interface is a digital phone service provided by Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). ISDN refers to a set of communication standards for digital transmission of network services such as voice, data, and video.

Basic Rate Interface was created for residences and small businesses. It consists of two bearer channels (B channels) and one data channel (D channel). The B channels carry data and voice at 64 kbit/s each. The D channel is used for controlling and signaling data at a rate of 16 kbit/s.

What Is Basic Rate Interface Used For?

Basic Rate Interface allows multiple users to transmit data and make use of the service lines simultaneously. This type of architecture is economical for small businesses where phone services and cabling expenses must be kept low. Larger businesses typically use a different form of ISDN called Primary Rate Interface.

Basic Rate Interface is primarily used for internet connectivity. It is used by call centers and other small businesses that don’t require a lot of bandwidth. Radio stations also use it to perform remote broadcasts and interviews.

How ROI Can Help

ROI Call Center Solutions uses the latest technology at each of our call centers. Whether the situation calls for Basic Rate Interface or another service, we’re experts at running our call centers and caring for our clients’ customers. We have the infrastructure to provide for your call center needs, whatever they may be.

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