Call Center Virtual Automated Attendant

A significant increase in the number of incoming customer service calls is typical in any growing business. How you manage those calls can impact customer experience and brand image.

To easily answer repeated incoming calls, you may need the services of a call center virtual automated attendant. This will create better customer experiences and get your callers to the right place, no matter the time of day.

What Is a Virtual Auto-Attendant?

Virtual auto-attendants are virtual receptionists that handle inbound calls and call routing for your business. They are much like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, but the callers choose an option on the keypad instead of talking directly to an agent. Virtual answering services are customizable to make call routing seamless for customers.Happy man talking on the phone.

The primary purpose of a virtual automated attendant is to serve as a switchboard and connect customers to the agent or department that would best help them. It’s designed to answer all your customer service calls and improve the overall experience so you won’t miss sales opportunities. Automated attendants are also vital for call center operations that handle incoming calls for companies.

Virtual auto-attendant services are especially cost-efficient for small businesses. It’s like having live operators who take calls around the clock without needing to hire the operators.

How Do Automated Phone Systems Work?

When customers call your number, the virtual automated attendant plays a recorded greeting and presents them with a series of options. After choosing a number, the system will transfer their call to a representative based on their selection.

Each option in an automated phone system connects customers to a particular department, team, or agent in your company. This does away with the need for customers to explain their situation before eventually being routed to someone who can help.

A call center virtual automated attendant is an important asset for your business operations and customer service team. Your customers won’t have to waste their precious time going through multiple transfers before receiving assistance. Additionally, your workforce won’t be occupied with repetitive tasks like distributing calls.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Automated Attendant for Your Business?

Virtual auto-attendants can help your business in many different ways. Here’s how:

Customized Greeting

You can use an automated answering service to welcome customers with your custom company greeting. Then, an announcement of the department extensions callers can reach for their specific concerns, or your hours of operation, can follow. Remember that your greeting reflects your brand, so make sure to sound professional.

Better Handling of Calls at Scale

Rapid business growth is mostly a good thing, but it could also mean dealing with a higher call volume. A virtual automated attendant can help with handling calls at scale, so you won’t have to hire additional people right away. Even if there’s a sudden increase in calls, you can ensure your phone system will answer and route all calls properly.

Efficient Call Routing

Most customers today want to get the information or assistance they need as soon as possible. Auto-attendants are quick at forwarding calls to extensions, voicemails, or outside lines. Good call flow management also means agents can resolve issues faster without having to ask every time what kind of assistance customers need. The sooner they finish assisting callers, the shorter the phone queues will be.

Better Customer ExperienceSatisfied customer on the phone.

Consistently providing great service to your customers goes a long way in keeping them happy. If they know that it won’t take long to reach the person they need whenever they call, it’s easier to gain their loyalty. As long as callers are confident that they’ll be speaking to the right person after your auto-attendant answers, they may be more willing to join a queue.

How Do You Set Up an Automated Attendant?

Although the exact steps can vary for each company, setting up a call center auto-attendant system is usually fast and easy. Here are the basics:

  • Select a phone number. This will be the number to route through the virtual automated attendant. The call center you work with can configure it to work with the automated phone system.
  • Customize a greeting. You may record it yourself or choose a professional recording. You can create menu options to make paths in your call flow.
  • Use special features. You might be able to use features that modify routing rules and filter calls. For instance, you can route calls based on your business hours and employee schedules. You may also upload the hold music of your choice or play a recorded announcement instead.


A virtual automated attendant offers a convenient and reliable way to route calls to your departments. By giving customers a smooth interaction each time, you’re more likely to enjoy consistent revenue growth. Whether you need a basic system or a more complex one, the right call center can provide you with an auto-attendant that suits your customer service needs.

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