Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Consumers have more options available than ever before, and keeping them satisfied is crucial for the survival of any business. But how do you measure customer satisfaction? It all depends on what satisfaction means to the individual. That’s where the customer satisfaction score (CSAT) plays a role.

What Is a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)?

Customer satisfaction score, also known as CSAT, uses feedback to measure customers’ happiness. Companies usually ask for feedback through a variety of surveys. The score itself uses the typical scale of zero to 100. Companies often use CSAT scores as a key performance indicator (KPI) for businesses.

When to Ask for Feedback

You can send out customer feedback surveys at different stages of the customer’s journey. Some examples include:

  • After a helpful service session
  • After the purchase of a product
  • Before a product/service renewal

It’s essential to ask for feedback at different steps of the customer’s journey. That way, you have a more comprehensive picture of how your business is doing.

How Is a CSAT Score Calculated?

Calculating a customer satisfaction score is easy. You take the number of positive responses from your surveys and divide them by the total number of responses. Then you multiply that number by 100.

Positive responses ∕ total responses X100 = CSAT score

A good score depends on the size of your business and the nature of your industry. Typically, anywhere between 75% and 85% is considered good. If you have a CSAT score of 75%, that means three out of four of your customers are satisfied with your business.

Why Is a CSAT Score Important to Your Business?

Without satisfied customers, you have no business. Keeping your customers happy should be your number one priority, and a CSAT score helps you fulfill that. CSAT scores will show:

  • The status of your business
  • Where you can improve your business
  • How you can make more money
  • Satisfaction across the customer lifecycle

How to Improve Your CSAT Score

If you find your customer satisfaction score isn’t improving—or even worse, it’s going down—there are five simple steps to improve your business and customer satisfaction.

1. Listen to the Feedback

faces representing customer satisfactionThere’s no point in getting customer feedback if you don’t use it. If you find there’s something that consistently comes up as a problem, look into it and see how you can fix it.

On the flip side, if you and your team are consistently doing something right, make sure to highlight this. See if you can use what you’re doing well to improve other areas of your business.

2. Offer Omnichannel Service

If you only offer one channel for customer communication, it’s time to diversify. You’ll make customers happy by providing various options and letting them choose how to communicate with you.

Omnichannel customer service includes:

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Live chat
  • Social chat

3. Keep Your Employees Happy

It’s easy for people in charge to forget how much employees truly influence customers. So, ensure your employees are happy and have all the tools they need to do their job.

Keeping employees happy could mean hosting additional training about your product or service, offering constructive feedback, and showing them you appreciate their efforts.

If your customer service requirements grow and overwhelm your available employees, you may want to use a call center like ROI Call Center Solutions.

4. Keep Up with Reviews

In a world full of consumer choices, you always want to continue trying to entice customers to pick you. Similar to listening to feedback, you want to keep up with the reviews you’re getting. You never want to assume that what worked last week works this week.

A great example of this would be if a manufacturing problem appeared with your product and you didn’t realize it. As you worked with your manufacturer, things have come out perfectly. But suddenly, you’re getting reviews about how something is wrong with the product.

If you ignored the first handful of bad reviews because you thought it was a fluke, you could produce a month’s worth of defective products. That’s a huge mess to clean up, and it will take much work to convince customers it was just a manufacturing problem. Getting your customers back will require you to spend lots of money on reputation management.

5. Stay Quick and Convenient

A crucial aspect of customer service is that you solve problems quickly. The longer you take, the lower your CSAT score will be. Ensure you have enough knowledgeable employees to help every customer, even in busy times.

If you need another solution, look to outsource your customer service to an outside service.

How Do Call Centers Affect CSAT?

Using a call center can help significantly increase your customer satisfaction score as long as you pick the right one. Call centers can easily handle all your customer calls while you and your team focus on other business priorities. Call agents are also specially trained in customer service versus juggling multiple departments or needs.

If you pick a call center like ROI Call Center Solutions, you’ll get call agents specifically trained in your business and how to best serve your customers. Our agents can also help with lead generation, subscription renewals, and after-hours support.

ROI Call Center Solutions Can Improve Your CSAT

Partnering with ROI offers you more than qualified call agents; we give you everything you need to ensure satisfied customers. On top of our inbound and outbound call services, we can even take care of surveying your customers to build and improve your CSAT score. Our team can also work with you to create compelling customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Get a free quote today and learn how ROI Call Center Solutions can help improve your customer satisfaction score!

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