5 Proven Cost Reduction Strategies For Call Centers

In the modern, global economy, communication is integral for business success, making call centers into a profitable and integral tool for companies. However, if poorly managed, these call centers can strain your overall finances, so it’s important to find ways to cut back on costs without hindering the overall operations. At ROI Call Center Solutions, we know many great ways to improve the productivity and affordability of your call center. Here are five proven cost reduction strategies you need to know.

#1. Be Selective with What You Outsource

Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular way of streamlining your call center and reducing expenses. However, efficiency in itself has monetary value for your business, so you should be selective with what you outsource and what should remain in-house. Essentially, you should outsource only the functions that reduce the efficiency of your operations, such as routine elements that have lower per-call costs compared to an internal call center.

In contrast, outsourcing areas that function best within your call center will outweigh your short-term cost reductions with significant downturns in your productivity and success. Avoid outsourcing functions that affect the costs and operations of multiple departments. Likewise, if there are any aspects of the call center that would not work as well for customers when outsourced, keep them in place as is.

#2. Help Callers Help Themselves

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Clients often want personalized experiences that meet their specific, individualized needs, and this is where a well-built self-service support function can really come in handy. If customers can find the answers they need on their own, they won’t clog up the phone lines with their questions, and they’ll feel satisfied that the company has conveniently provided the information.

This assumes, however, that said information is conveniently available and noticeable. Make your FAQ index easily accessible and understandable to optimize its effectiveness with clients, with clearly-defined links throughout your multiple platforms and channels.

#3. Build Bridges, Don’t Burn Them

The effectiveness of your call center – which in turn determines your profit – depends a lot on customer satisfaction, and unfortunately, some ill-thought cost reduction strategies, particularly automated selection trees, have significantly tampered with consumer trust. These automated responses lead callers through a maze of different options that often loop or lead to dead ends that force you to hang up and redial. Worse, the exact details of the options tend to be vague and confusing, making it hard to determine which number you want to choose.

This is a good example of how short-term cost reduction strategies can, in fact, increase your costs even more. Automated answering programs are often more of an annoyance to callers than a convenience, and your real cost-cutting methods should focus on reducing the barriers for productive calls.

#4. Streamline Information Connection

For every agent working a call there is an agent who can’t handle another call, so while automation has issues, you should still find ways to cut down on the time it takes each agent to process a call. One good way to improve efficiency is by reducing how much information agents directly ask for in each call. The information can be obtained while customers are on hold, freeing up employees to handle other calls and responsibilities.

#5. Open Up Discussion and Evaluation

Since efficiency and profits go hand-in-hand, the biggest key to effective cost reduction strategies is regular, comprehensive evaluations of your call center’s functions. Hold monthly meetings with staff to review the efficiency of the call center and determine which areas can be improved. By making this evaluation a consistent part of your company’s activities, you encourage stronger familiarization with the call center and make it easier to address areas of concern.

Optimize Your Call Center with ROI Call Center Solutions

For immersive and effective tips on cost reduction strategies and other ways to enhance your call center’s services, check out ROI Call Center Solutions. We know lots of key aspects of the industry, and our experts are always eager to help. Every second gained or lost in a call counts for your long-term profits and expenses, so there’s no time to waste. Contact us today to learn more.

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