​​The Best Methods to Collect Feedback From Customers

The world of e-commerce is booming. Now more than ever, companies are analyzing their company strategies, website design, and everything else that has the potential to affect revenue. It’s easy to get lost in all of the different aspects of growing your business, so companies often forget the most important part of their business is the customers. Customer satisfaction is highly important to have a successful business. To have the highest customer satisfaction possible, you need to know both the positive and negative aspects of their experience. Customer feedback is entirely essential for your company to be its most successful. We have collected three of our favorite methods for collecting customer feedback. 

1. Conduct Market Research Surveys

Conducting market research surveys is a great way to receive feedback from your customers. Market Research Surveys is a survey that is used to analyze the market for a particular product or service, and identify customer inclinations. There are several different avenues you can go down for conducting market research surveys. The first option is sending an email. Email is a great route to take for customer engagement. With a captivating subject line and a successful call to action, customers are more than likely to provide you with the feedback that you’re looking for. 

SMS is an additional method for receiving effective feedback. In today’s world, we are rarely far away from our phones. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that communicating with customers via text is an excellent way to reach them. Remember to keep surveys from becoming long-winded as this can be a turn-off for customers and may cause your survey to remain uncompleted and unhelpful to you.

2. Live Chat Transcripts

Live chat is a great feature for any company website. This allows customers to ask questions and receive quick answers from a representative in real-time. Among the many benefits of a live chat feature on your website is the ability to read through live chat transcripts. Analyzing live chat transcripts will help you understand which parts of your website might not be user-friendly, and will help you come up with easy-to-understand solutions for frequent customer questions. 

Another great aspect of live chat is the built-in nature of this method of receiving feedback. Live chat is a two for one when it comes to customer service and customer feedback. Customers can quickly ask questions, and the company can analyze the transcripts from those conversations. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

3. Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are becoming a more and more popular way for companies to engage with their customers. Taking polls on social media is an easy way for customers to provide feedback, and for you to gain useful information regarding your business. With polls on social media, all your customers have to do is tap through the polls on your profile. Most people check their social media daily, so posting polls on your profile will reach a large amount of your customer base, and answering the questions on the poll is no sweat off their back. 

Hosting contests, or giveaways is an excellent use of social media that is sure to get you the customer feedback that you need. By incentivizing feedback, customers will be eager to share their opinions in a chance to win a cool product or service. 

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