5 Ways Outsourcing Can Help You Retain Customers

5 Ways Outsourcing Can Help You Retain Customers

4203901107_064a39a57d_zGone are the days of the landline-only call center that answers unattended phones. Say hello to today’s contact center, where communications of all sorts are integrated and handled by competent and well-trained staff around the clock and to various international markets. With employees who handle everything from email, real-time chat, fax, mobile SMS, to monitoring online content and responses and handling web orders and queries, today’s contact centers are fully equipped to best serve your customers.

But is it worth it to entrust your valued customers to an outsourced contact center?

Here are 5 ways outsourcing can help retain loyal customers:

1. Effectively handle overflow call volume

Contact centers are sufficiently staffed and equipped to handle times of high overflow call volumes, such as when launching a new product or service, or during sales and limited-time offers. Not only are you saved the expense of investing in high-end equipment and training of staff, but contact centers have the resources to ensure that equipment is being used effectively and employees are properly trained and informed on new products and services. You can rest easy knowing that when the orders and calls start coming in, your customer response is being handled with care.

2. Service 24/7

Outsourcing a call center means you can provide your customers with 24/7 service. Especially in this internet age, around-the-clock service shows your customers that you are aware of and care about their needs outside of normal business hours. With an outsourced contact center, customers do not have to wait for their concerns to be resolved, and when concerns are resolved in the complaining customer’s favor, they are 70% more likely to return to do business with you again.

3. Vital online support

With online public forums such as Twitter and Facebook, someone is always listening when customer complaints are taken to the web. Contact centers can be available to respond to negative posts quickly in order to resolve customer concerns and to manage your company’s reputation at any hour. Having a contact center to immediately and effectively work through customer concerns prevents brand smearing on social media outlets, and allows concerns to be resolved instead of fester.

4. Diversify customer base

If your brand has gone international, outsourcing a contact center allows for the hiring of staff with applicable language skills and cultural awareness. Contact center staff can be trained and informed to understand and respect cultural norms and tailor their communication to your global client base, allowing a customer to feel valued, despite distance from headquarters.

5. Customer feedback

Perhaps one of the most mutually beneficial perks of outsourcing a call center is the vast amount of customer feedback you have access to. Gathering information from customer complaints and suggestions can greatly impact the effectiveness of operations, systems and processes, as well as contact center employee training. When contact center staff welcome and request feedback, customers feel their concerns and wishes are honored, which leads to increased loyalty to your brand.

Outsourcing one of today’s successful contact centers can right the mistakes of the past and provide superior service, while caring for your customers and their concerns.

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