Grow Your Business with Telephone Answering Service

How Telephone Answering Service Can Grow Your Business

When you first start a business, it’s necessary to take on a do-it-yourself mentality. Entrepreneurs in the early stages of business development often handle everything from customer service to inventory to licking stamps.

As your business grows, it becomes more and more difficult to juggle tasks on your own. Eventually, you have to start passing on responsibilities to other people. Chances are, your time is better spent running your company rather than answering the telephone.

Unfortunately, the task of answering the phone is often tossed to whoever is free at the moment, which leads to missed calls, lost opportunities, and unhappy customers.

1. Cut Your Costs and Increase Service

One solution to unanswered phones is hiring in-house employees. Hiring, training, and paying a new employee is expensive, and they may still miss phone calls. Even the most diligent receptionist will have sick days, holidays, and bathroom breaks. Depending on your office, you might have to hire multiple people for these positions, and you’ll have to take employee turnover into consideration.

A telephone answering service offers a cost-effective alternative along with more comprehensive services. These services provide 24-hour availability for both nationwide and international calls. Your existing and potential customers will no longer be bound by office hours and weekdays.

Even if you already have your office hours covered, telephone answering services can expand your availability to customers through weekend answering services and after-hour answering services.

2. Provide Quality, Branded Service for Your Customers

It takes time—and money—to train new employees to provide good customer service and to professionally represent your company. When you choose a telephone answering service, they do all of the training for you.

Team members are trained to provide each of your customers with unique, branded interactions every time they answer the phone. Most of your customers may not even realize they aren’t talking to someone in house.

No matter whether a customer is calling to set an appointment or to ask questions about your products and services, team members will greet them warmly and focus on leading the conversations in a direction that will benefit your company and satisfy your customers.

3. Put a Human Face on Your Company

Some companies opt for an automated answering system. These systems take customers through a series of predetermined, numbered options. After navigating often multi-layered menus, customers usually sorted into voicemail boxes or hopefully taken care of through self-service options.

Automated systems can leave customers frustrated. What do they do if their question or concern doesn’t fit into preset options? Do they just hang up and try again if they accidentally select the wrong menu item?  Conversations with a real person on the other side of the phone lead to more satisfied customers.

Telephone answering services allow for unique conversations that meet the needs of your unique customers.

All businesses, big or small, can benefit from telephone answering services. Contact us today at ROI Solutions to learn how we can start making a difference at your company.

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