How to Protect Sensitive Customer Data

You live in a world that is hyper driven by data. You have learned to find and collect facts and statistics that drive your decision making, and can even help shape your identity. You have data that is relevant to you in both your personal and professional life. Some of this data you openly share and even exchange on a regular basis—say a phone number with a new acquaintance, or an address with a shipping service. What about sensitive data though? How should your sensitive information be handled and shared?

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data can be defined as information that is protected against unwarranted, or unwanted discloser. Access to any of your sensitive information should be safeguarded. Businesses, including ROI Call Center Solutions, have the responsibility to safeguard information on the basis of legal, ethical, and customer service obligations.

More specific examples of sensitive data, and their legal protections, may include the following types of unique information:

These are among the types of data that are legally recognized for safeguard and protect. At ROI Solutions we believe companies, including ourselves, should do all they can to protect their customer’s sensitive data. Access to the above types of information should be limited to only those who need legitimate business access.

Additional information and facts on ROI’s commitment to HIPAA and PCI call center requirements can be found in our previous blog entitled, “PCI and HIPAA Compliant Call Centers.”

ROI Solutions is committed to complying with all regulations, practices, and requirements outlined by PCI and HIPAA, among others. These commitments are rooted in our customers, and our desire to maintain their confidence. By actively complying with both standards, we are ready and able to promise qualified staff, encrypted databases, robust network security devices, and policies to ensure maximum data security.


We minimize your data’s exposure and limit concerns through a variety of methods. By restricting on-site access through individual specification, and access privilege assignment, we are able to regulate the individuals will have access to your information. Only necessary employees and staff will deal with specific information. Additionally, protocol, guidelines, passwords, and encryption are all used to protect your data.

Data is most exposed by means of intrusion, phishing, and social engineering. These forms of exposure are all understood and prevented by ROI Solutions in a proactive manner.

Sensitive data is yours, and it should stay that way. ROI Solutions proactively protects your information through all steps of business—collection, processing, storage, and disposal when needed. Customer service means sensitive data protection at ROI Solutions.

Photo via Kjetil Korslien / CC BY

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